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I was going to add some meat to Mini Map today and while researching saw that Radar is a separate concept. It can function somewhat differently from a mini map, but there's so much cross-over between the two. Ultimately Radar is a type of mini map.

What do you all think?

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Radars usually are for showing enemies proximity while mini maps are for navigation. Enemies can be on a map but a radar doesn't HAVE to have a map. I think they are different enough

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Not at all. Open world games generally have a mini-map somewhere in them that does not tell the location of enemies or friendly AI. Sometimes the two are combined, but there are several times more examples of separated mini-maps and radars than necessary to justify two separate pages.

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Radar and mini-map are different enough to warrant their own respective concept pages.

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You may have a mini map without radar functionality, and of course a radar with no mini map. The only time these things are the same is when radar is overlayed on top of a mini map for more functionality and to save screen space.

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Would you incorporate motion trackers into it?

I would consider motion trackers, radars and mini-maps entirely separate things.

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@BraveToaster said:

Radar and mini-map are different enough to warrant their own respective concept pages.

Exactly. You can have radar without a mini-map (Mystic Ark) and a mini-map without radar (the first Persona game).

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A radar and mini-map are not one in the same.

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No. Those are two distinct things with different functions. One describes the movement of objects. One is a map.

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They're different.