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OK, so here's a hot mess that wasn't my fault for a change:

The Ninja Warriors is an old-ass Arcade brawler by Taito that was ported to some Japanese consoles and a few computers in Europe and didn't make much of a stir. The game returned in the form of a heavily revised SNES remake by Natsume called The Ninja Warriors Again in its home turf and just "Ninja Warriors" in the US. We have pages for both.

Now the issue is that some poor soul was understandably confused by the poor naming conventions in play here and thus a lot of the SNES stuff - including releases and screenshots - were added to the former page instead of the latter page.

I don't know what the criteria are for how much a remake has to deviate from its source material to earn its own separate page in the wiki. Ninja Warriors Again does add a new character, has new level design and is different in many other ways as well so I'd say it qualifies. It means moving everything around and deleting those releases though. I'm happy to do that if the mods/vox populi aren't on board with combining the two. Combine?