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By my count, we have ten pages for various studios that used to be part of The Climax Group and has been slowly whittled down to just Climax Studios. This is absolutely insane considering a number of these studios have no information on their pages and almost no games credited to them, and a number of the pages are simply different names for the same studio. Based on the research I've done, we can:

DELETE:Climax Solent, because it's another name for the main studio, Climax Studios, which is based in the Solent. (Keep Climax Solent as an alias, of course.)

DELETE:Climax Brighton and Climax Racing, because they should be made aliases for Black Rock Studio.

DELETE:Climax Handheld Games, because it was a division of Climax London and should be an alias for it.

DELETE:Climax Action, because it was a name used to refer to the combined forces of Climax Studios and Climax London (which was slowly merged into the main studio) according to this Gamasutra story. (So I guess make it an alias for both Climax Studios and Climax London?)

Oh, and while we're at it, here's a three-pack of PC games that Climax was attached to and should be deleted for being a three-pack of racing games: 3in1 Adrenalin Pack.

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@iAmJohn: Done and done.