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Please delete Cyan. It looks like it may have been accidentally created by someone not realizing the company changed their name to Cyan Worlds. Thanks.

Edit: Just double-checked, seeing the submitter has submitted several hundred (!) companies I've never heard of, I figured possibly he's just way more tuned into the indie scene than I am and that someone actually might have made a new company called Cyan, but nope. Google image search for the image on the page is only able to find that exact image on the mobygames site as a previous logo for Cyan Worlds, pre-rebranding.

Edit 2: Ok, at least 733 company submissions (possibly 1500?), including at first glance Acer, which is a computer manufacturer and not a game developer or publisher, nor is Computer and Video Games Magazine, neither of which should probably be in the wiki.

Edit 3: Ignore Acer, along with other information, I found a youtube link of the opening sequence and the logos of Acer back then and Acer today match up, so it is the same computer hardware manufacturer that published it. I'll update the wiki.

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That user did not create the page, xe just added added an image. The page was created before the site launched, using data from MobyGames. Since MobyGames doesn't currently have a company with that name, they may have fixed the error there or there was a mistake in the script creating it here. Either way, it doesn't exist and should be deleted.

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Acer and CVG were also from the site launch. It looks like all this user is trying to do is improve our existing company pages, which is admirable.

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@LordAndrew: How can you check page creation dates? I can't find that information listed anywhere.

I just assumed he had created it because he was the only person credited as having updated the page. I'm sure he's got more many more right than he got wrong, but I just wanted to confirm that "Cyan" wasn't a real company he had personal knowledge about so I was double-checking the sources. No offense meant to any wiki contributors, secondary sources are always sometimes going to be wrong and mistakes happen.

Edit: Found information to support Acer having published a game called Raiden (or Raiden Densetsu, here referred to as Raiden Trad) for DOS back in 1994. Updated OP.

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I could check the page creation dates via the API, but I don't have to. When you create a page, you get 2 or 3 points. One or the page title I suppose, one for the blurb, and another one if you include an image. The Acer page has no blurb; its two points were obtained from the image and the website address. The Computer and Video Games Magazine page also has no blurb; its three points were obtained from the image, website address, and Country. Every point is accounted for. I can see that it was not created by any user.

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