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The following image at the Deus Ex page is taken straight from one of the endings, and includes subtitles that can unavertedly spoil the key plot elements to people who are in the middle of the game. While I understand that a wiki can include Spoilers, it is my belief that it should be adverted, and only when it's necessary to the plot summary.

Therefore, I think it should be deleted.

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It's in the image gallery, not embedded into the wiki itself. I don't have a problem with it.

If someone doesn't want to be spoiled, they shouldn't be digging through image galleries. Same applies for reading plot summaries on the actual wiki. There's no reason to muddy up the wiki text with giant ***SPOILERS*** tags all around the plot sections.

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Subtitles aren't really something you'd see unless you're taking the time to examine each image individually. And if you're doing that, you should expect the possibility of spoilers.