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As far as I know this isn't a concept directly attributed to games.

Moreover, it's not even clearly stated what is meant to go on that page. Since we don't know about every LAN party that ever went on in the world, it's pretty hard to determine which games should and shouldn't be added to it, and if only the games that are "the most" attached to the cult of LAN parties should be in this page then that's too subjective a criterion for the page to exist.

If no one has any objections, then delete it please oh mods.

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I agree, it should be deleted three times....once for each topic you created.

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@guided_by_tigers said:

I agree, it should be deleted twice....once for each topic you created.

Not me buddy. A 500 error happened and then three threads. I don't know.

Weird thing is that they don't all have the same post time, though I checked the forums after each 500 error and I assure you the threads weren't there.

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@snail: Shit happens man, I just saw it as a good opportunity to make a lame joke

but yeah this obviously should be deleted, if anything LAN party can just be a header in the main LAN page.

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Tried deleting but page still seems to exist, will try again later.