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I think Lovely Lisa 3D (Working Title) should be deleted.

As far as I can tell, there are no details of this game other than that the name and publisher were in the big list of initial 3DS titles Nintendo put out in 2010. This being a simple toy tie-in I seriously doubt this game is still coming after all this time, and judging by the Japanese Wikipedia entry the games appear to have moved to smart phones instead.

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@blacklagoon: I'd just consider it either a canceled game or possibly vaporware at this point. At one time, it was an announced thing, so it should have some sort of page.

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@marino: Ah, well, I guess I just felt that Nintendo dumping out a list of projects in early development didn't really count as a formal announcement. As I couldn't find any other references to it, I suppose it's vaporware then.

If we assume the title is no longer going to receive a proper name, should the (working title) tag perhaps be removed or replaced with a (vaporware) one? (Same goes for Mercs Inc. (working title)). It feels more appropriate as a transient thing, not something that should stick around forever on titles in limbo.

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@blacklagoon: I took care of it. We have a concept page for vaporware, so we don't need to put it in the titles of the page really. I've changed the decks of each page to reflect their status.