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There appear to be two Lucarios: here and here.

The first is a Character and the second is a Concept.

I know literally nothing about Pokémon, but I assume the Concept page is unnecessary.

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@mlarrabee: The character page is for a specific Lucario, in this case, the one that shows up in Smash Bros. Brawl. The concept page is for the kind of Pokemon called Lucario, like the other Pokemon or something like Goombas would be.

It's late, and I'm sure someone can explain it better, but that's basically why there are two pages.

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Nah, it makes sense. The concept page is about the group of creatures known as Lucario, like the concept page on Orcs. The character page is about the Lucario from Smash, like the character page for Thrall from Warcraft.

EDIT: For clarity, Thrall is an Orc. It's unfortunate that even when Pokemon are unique characters, they're still addressed by their generic species name.

EDIT2: Or to put it in Mario terms, Toad (character) is a Toad (concept) but not all Toads (concept) are Toad (character).

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The two pages are acceptable as already indicated.