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MDK2: Armageddon is an enhanced port of MDK2 released only on the PlayStation 2 a couple months after the system was out. The major differences between it and the original release of MDK2 are that it features dual-stick controls and that it has an adjustable difficulty. It's basically no different from, say for example, Rayman 2 Revolution, the PS2 port of Rayman 2 released around the same time that, you might notice, we don't have a page for as it is an alias for our main Rayman 2 page. There's no reason we shouldn't do the same for MDK2: Armageddon - kill the page (which barely has any information anyway) and make its title an alias for the MDK2 page. To quote the ad campaign of a failed 64-bit system: Do the math.

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@iAmJohn: Done.