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Patrick created the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes page. A Metal Gear Solid 5 page is up, but I'm not sure if it's needed anymore. 
MGS5 was said to be the big FOX engine game by Kojima Productions. But seeing as they announced Ground Zeroes at the 25th Anniversary Event, and not an MGS"5", this might have been what was meant by MGS5.
I don't know is MGS5 could be added as a Ground Zeroes aliases either. 

Edit: As seen below, this was a preemptive request and isno longer needed.
Guess you can't really predict Kojima after all...

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they should probably just be merged.

MGS 5 aliases moved over to the Ground Zeroes page.

I have copied over the main paragraph from the MGS5 page to the GZ page and edited it.

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Of course it is. Kojima made the tease announcement "hey we're showing you the foxengine" and it then ended up being MGS Ground Zeroes "A Hideo Kojima Game" ... listen to the 8-4 Metal Gear Mini-Cast.

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@DeF: Yeah I just saw that too. I'll redact this thread then and keep them separate.
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@BRYN: Yep, I was at the panel and Kojima said he considers GZ a prologue to an eventual MGS5, so both should probably stay for now.