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As big a fan of Nikola Tesla as I am, I don't think he needs both a character and person page, especially since he died in the 1940s and has never worked on a video game. There is no meaningful information on the person page for him, and there is no information on the page of the game that he is supposedly credited in.

Thus, I request his person page be deleted.

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The person page most certainly could have content, if someone wanted to write it. The character page only talks about his role in games, so the person page would be written biographically.

If someone is listed in the credits, they get a page. It's pretty simple. But they should at least be people. X-Men Legends gives thanks to "Strong Bad and friends". It should be pretty obvious that Strong Bad is not eligible for a person page.

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Guys I think the OP is secretly Thomas Edison....

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@LordAndrew: Yeah, I know that policy (which is how most of the GB staff got their pages), I just questioned whether the special thanks was real or not.

@McGriddle550: Nope. I'm Guglielmo Marconi.

Anyway, I guess him having a person page is legit, so any mod who sees this can lock it up.