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Nintendo Seal of Quality is not a page we need, imo. That seal is literally on every box ever and has no function in the wiki. If someone wants to describe what it is, that could be mentioned on the Nintendo company page.

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It's a thing in videogames, though, and historically has a larger role. Personally when I visit a wiki I prefer more specificity, not less. If I were searching the wiki for the Nintendo Seal of Quality I'd rather find a page about it than be redirected to a simple general Nintendo page. That said, the current page is in a pretty poor state.

I'm hardly a big wiki brain, though, so I'll leave it to those who are huge on this stuff to figure out.

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That's kinda like saying "We don't need a wiki page about the Sovjet Union, since it doesn't exist anymore. Just relink to Russia (and some other states)"

Nintendo Seal of Quality was a big deal in the past, it's part of videogame history, and if I want to read about it I should be able to.

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The seal is pretty significant in Nintendo's history as a publisher. The crash of '83 was largely attributed to oversaturation of the market from crappy unlicensed games, resulting in a drop in buyer confidence. The seal was one part of Nintendo's plan to build that confidence in videogame consumers again.

Granted, the page doesn't say any of this so it could do with an update at the least.

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I feel all of this would fit in better on the company page as there is no point in attaching it to thousands of game pages.

Of course this is just another part of the problem with the wiki and the lack of direction of clear guidelines as to what should and shouldn't be a page and how we use it. Sometimes it seems nobody cares about the actual wiki anymore.

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There should be an article and no attachments. So the exact opposite of what the page is now.

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@lordandrew: If it were possible to add concepts to a PLATFORM page instead of a GAME page, that would be ideal, I think.

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There really is no reason for this page to exist, as all it ever was was an indication that a product was officially licensed. It would be like creating a page for games that feature "Licensed by Nintendo" at some point before gameplay begins.

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I wanna concur with LordAndrew's suggestion. It's an important video game thing that people might want to visit a video game wiki to read up on, but it's not something that needs to be attached to several thousand pages because that doesn't help anyone at all. Wish we could do the same thing with equally ubiquitous pages like Human, Earth, Boss Fight etc.

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Like LordAndrew said, this page should probably have no attachments similar to the Title Screen page. There is enough historical significance to the seal that someone should write an article about it.

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@marino said:

There is enough historical significance to the seal that someone should write an article about it.


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