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The problem with this one is that there is not enough info available to say if it will be either a re release of the original PS2 version on the Wii or an actual remake of the the PS2 game.

Comparing the graphics of the two versions i would guess it would be a re release so i guess it would be better just to add a new release date to the PS2's versions its game page.
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The little quick blurb says extra characters and levels, so I guess it's no mere rerelease? According to a quick google, it's an enhanced remake. At least one confirmed new character according to a two week old Famitsu. Probably going to be on par with the differences between Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.. Nippon Ichi has been doing a pretty decent job of not just rereleasing their past work.

I vote keep, but flesh out with additional information where possible (I think that Famitsu article is the only source people are using right now).

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It's a port of the PS2 game with added content (new characters and levels).

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This kind of thing would be a lot easier if we got an official word on how to handle this kind of thing. We've still got this stickied topic hanging around without any action and any idea of what the correct action should even be.

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Let's hang on and see...