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Page found here: Planet Cracker
Whilst perusing the Dead Space franchise page I noted that there was going to be a game called Planet Cracker on XBLA and PSN... But it never came out... so, unless we think they're going to get a necromorph to revive it, it should probably go to the great unmade game markdown bin in the sky...

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Canceled video games are allowed on the wiki. 

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@The_Laughing_Man: Oh. Hrmm. Didn't know that.
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So, now I'm curious... In doing a little digging about this supposedly "canceled game" is only alluded to (that I can find in 2 minutes of internet searching - but... you know) in a single survey conducted by EA.
Now I haven't seen said survey - but that never stopped anyone from guessing here... Who wants to bet this was: "If we did this thing and it was a bonus for preordering, would that be something you'd be interested in?" as opposed to an actual game in actual development?
Is that a canceled game, or a non-developed game idea?

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To be a cancelled game and remain eligible for a wiki page, the game has to have shown up in some form at some point, whether it be at trade shows, or trailers, or really, any form that goes beyond vague hints that it exists. This is why the long-rumored Metroid Dread does not have a page. It was apparently, supposedly a thing that Nintendo had worked on at some point, but at no point was what had been worked on made public. If the only evidence of Planet Cracker's existence is a survey question, then it doesn't deserve a wiki page.

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Canceled? Cancelled? Canceled? Cancelled?