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World Tendency is a concept that only appears in Demon's Souls and no other game (not even Dark Souls) so I don't think that qualifies as a concept for the wiki.

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Why not? It's still a concept that was used in a video game.

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Agreed. I think. There is a thing in the rules about concepts needing to appear in more than one game before they can get a page, right?

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The assumption that a concept needs to appear in more than one game is false. If a concept is implemented in at least one game that exists on the database its number of times used after that is irrelevant.

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Hm really? I was always under the impression that something had to appear in multiple games before it can be considered a thing. Personally, I'd think it'd make more sense to have a section for that unique concept on the page of the game it appears in.

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Question: how do you guys think about this shit? Do these realizations come randomly or while you're browsing the wiki?

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@DeF: Sub-categories for concept pages is a hope down the line with the site re-design, but as the site stands this is a valid concept page in its current form. As this matter no longer requires any further discussion I'm locking this thread.