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...did we watch completely different trailers? The trailer for Zombie U looked nothing like the kind of game Killer Freaks is supposed to be. Namely zombies, not aliens.

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@AlisterCat: they even came out and said flat out that this is what Killer Freaks turned into. On stage. Into the camera. Right after the trailer!

The game changed direction during the last year. It's being rebooted as this Zombie game.

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@DeF: I did not see that part.

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Why can't we just delete the Killer Freaks page instead?

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@Landon: because it makes no sense.

the Killer Freaks content needs to stay for the game's history section anyway and thus renaming that page to Zombi U makes much more sense (at least to me).

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The Zombie U page has been deleted. Someone please detail how the design for the game has been changed on the wiki.