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It looks like since the launch of the 3DS, it seems like every single release has been added to the Stereoscopic 3D page. That seems a little crazy to me since it's a fundamental feature for the platform those games are releasing on and it makes it increasingly difficult to get any useful information at all from the page when looking to buy a compatible title that supports the functionality on a 3DTV. They should be put into their own category, like "Glasses Free 3D," but that would pretty much just be a list of all 3DS titles that mirrors the full platform listing.

Stereoscopic 3D currently also includes all types of 3D, including Anagylph 3D,which would be all of the games that support color-separated glasses (as opposed to shutter or polarized glasses). Anaglyph would include Fez, which uses the red/blue glasses, and games like Arkham Asylum which come bundled with green/purple glasses. These are honestly two very different things and should be separate from each other as well since the opposing color sets aren't compatible with each other when it comes to the 3D effect.

Bit of a tangent, but the primary point of this request is permission to excise the 3DS titles from the list due to redundancy and obfuscation of more relevant entries that have discrete, optional support for 3D. Secondary request to be able to create separate Red/Blue and Green/Purple concepts.


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I second this movement.

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@onan: So, what you're basically proposing is:

  • Stereoscopic 3D - All encompassing 3D concept page.
  • Anaglyph 3D - Concept page specifically for chromatic and/or polarized glasses 3D.
  • Glasses-Free 3D - Concept page essentially for 3DS games and if/when anything in the future does this.

I'd be fine with this. I don't see any point in breaking it down further by having Anaglyph Red/Blue and Anaglyph Purple/Green though.

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Cool, thanks. A further breakdown is pretty much what I was hoping for, mostly so people who have either set of glasses can search out what games they might be able to play. (e.g., I currently have a pair of green/purple on my desk from my Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition, and can't find my red/blue pair, which is kind of annoying because I'm trying to play Skate 2 in 3D and I can't.) You can see that Attack of the Movies 3D is under Stereoscopic now, and would go under anagylph once the current list is fully processed, but without looking at the box art, you'd have no idea if you had the right type of glasses, or if you could risk picking it up used and missing out on a pair of Red/blues if you don't already have them handy.

You also have games like Pinball HD on the iPad that support multiple anaglyph formats (From the iTunes page: "Stereoscopic imaging option (requires anaglyph eyeglasses). You can choose between red-cyan, green-magenta or yellow-blue lenses.")

Basically yes, you're accurate, "Anaglyph 3D" is the technology, and we could potentially lump everything into that, but these various types of chromatic 3D using different pairs of colors require different physical hardware to use, and I feel merit their own unique pages. In the case of something like the aforementioned Pinball HD, it should be on all of those pages, and the different color pairings should be listed as concepts under the Anagylph 3D page (Although I have to admit I've never seen a pair of the Yellow/Blue glasses and don't really have an interest in creating that page, but definitely red/blue and green/purple). The goal would be to create multiple, practical split lists instead of one large and largely academic list of games.

There's precedence for pages featuring support for different types of hardware. We've got a page for Wii Zapper compatibility, which, frankly speaking, is not even a true accessory, it's a piece of plastic like those golf clubs and tennis rackets you can slot your wiimote into that has no affect on gameplay, and those games can also listed under light gun games. Similar situation here, I think.

If not, thanks for everything so far. :) It's a huge help just being able to clear out the 3DS stuff into its own little conceptual ghetto.