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You request for deleting The Many is rejected. Characters that fall under "Collective Consciousness" are still considered characters. The Overmind of StarCraft as well as Legion from Mass Effect 2 both have pages, despite being collectives of various persons or objects, because they are in fact their own characters that have a huge impact on the story of the games in which they are in. The same applies for The Many.

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@ZombiePie: Thanks for the response. I suggested The Many for deletion primarily because, much like the term Borg, it does not signify any specific individual within the collective, but rather the collective as a whole. The Overmind and Legion are different, I feel, because they are individuals within a collective, and thus they can have unique traits that would not necessarily be shared by the group. The hive minds that those characters belong to are concept pages, and I think The Many should be treated in the same way.

I'd also be interested in hearing the official word on Deus Ex: The Conspiracy if there is one. I realize that it's been brought up for deletion a number of times, but even after reading through those old posts, I'm not really sure what the rationale was for keeping it.

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My understanding of The Conspiracy is that it's essentially the same game but with some tweaks for console, such as auto-aim and levels broken up into chunks? If that's the case then yes, it should be consolidated into the Deus Ex page and deleted.
I'm inclined to agree that The Many would be better as a concept, in the same way that the Borg are. Though I can see it from the other side too.