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Is there really a need for a whole other page on this? Its basically the same game except its bundled with a previous Jedi Knight game.

Just curious...

#2 Posted by epic_pets (1345 posts) -

Yes there is a need

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There really isn't a need to have the collectors edition page it can just be added to the release list of the regular game. Also if the collector's edition is bundled with the previous games that information could be added to the Jedi Knight II page to let people know what the collectors edition is.

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I just want to give this another bump as it seems the mods are paying attn now.

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The basic premise we run on here is that, if it is a retail compilation/collection, as this Collector's Edition appears to be (bundled with earlier games), then it gets its own page. If it were a re-release of the Game of the Year version, basically the same game released again as a promotional stunt, then that'd be considered a release under the original, as it's the same game exactly, maybe with a collectors poster or developer commentary dvd or whatever (not signicant enough to make it a completely new game)

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*****Bumping up for ordering purposes*****