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So, someone updated the original Assassin's Creed III: Liberation entry with the new platforms (including releases). Then @reckless_x created a new page for the HD edition (Assassin's Creed Liberation HD) and removed the platform references. But then Patrick attached the HD trailer to the original Vita page and someone added the HD platforms back in.

So I think we need some admin intervention here... Either the HD entry should be axed and its title added to the original as an alias, or the trailer should be moved to it (the superfluous release can be repurposed for the PSN releases in various territories).

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Is there any significant editions to the new version? If not then this seems like a Resident Evil: Revelations situation where the updated version should stay on the original page.

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@mracoon: This Joystiq story has a press release with full details of the changes. Changes include that existing missions and locations have been tweaked based on feedback, 15 new missions have added, new story scenes have been added to flesh out the plot, bigger crowds and more animals, etc.

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I'd say based on that, new page justified.