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Hey guys simple topic today but its mainly a place for you guys to talk about what you think about the hinted "easy mode" in Dark Souls 2. Heres the link to an interview with Miyazaki he hints and talks about it there.

NOTE! topic is dead it was a mistranslation metro is claiming

I understand they want more people to get in the game and that they're worried the hard mode is making people apprehensive about playing but look at the other Souls games, the community is bringing people in. Everyones telling about how great this game is even though its challenging its very rewarding for the player in the end. And making it easy for players is ruining their experiance. Miyazaki has said that he may change the story to where its spelled out to the player in the beginning of the game, combine that with easy mod theres no point in playing you'll understand the plot to the game fairly easy and you'll just steam roll through the game in 20 hours.

Their player base is huge now and its because Dark Souls offers a challenge, take that challenge away you have nothing.

I don't know if you guys share the same ideas as me but I would love to know what you think. Remember! this is all opinion!

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Namco Bandai has claimed that a ‘translation mistake’ occurred during one of Miyazaki’s answers, specifically the one about possibly adding a new easy mode to the game. You can see what the original text was when you to get to that answer, and read more about the revision here .

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You should probably check the date on this.

Also there's nothing wrong with easy mode.