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Dear amigos,

We have two wiki pages for Final Fantasy Tactics. One for the original, and one for War of the Lions.

1. Could someone remove the PSP releases from the FFT page, as they are actually WoTL. There are four.

2. As far as how many releases there should be (to answer @dagbiker), here are the change details as best I know:


- adds new cut-scenes
- adds new translation
- adds 2 new classes
- adds 2 new characters
- increases game speed
- changed aspect ratio to 16:9
- increases party size
- new items, equipment
- multiplayer

- everything above, but no multiplayer
- redrawn backgrounds & sprites- new animation system
- controls to zoom/rotate the camera in new ways


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@def: Yeah I read that! But didn't really understand it honestly.. seemed like it only kinda sorta applied. I did want some releases removed but the other part is just a question about whether it should be a multi release or not. Felt the shadow of that forum looming all day though.. Sorry, pretty new on these boards..Should I repost in there or am I just spamming at this point?

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@geraltitude: No idea, I'd say repost the actual request so it doesn't get lost as it can take quite a while until someone deals with it.

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Marino has made the changes, and I suppose this thread can be locked now. Unless someone wants to debate the split of WoTL and FFT...