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They aren't Humvee. They are HMMWVs. Just like Call of Duty isn't Cod. It isn't a kind of fish. Humvee should be an alias. The whole "MP5" vs "Maschinenpistole 5" argument is crap because the MP5 naming is the exact same format as the HMMWV (and consistency is king!). HMMWV is the way the classification of the vehicle is abbreviated. I don't understand why the name for this page is essentially slang. All you have to do is make Humvee an alias, and HMMWV the name, instead of the other way around.

I'm sure this'll just fail to be changed again, but it just looks tacky as hell to me, and makes no sense why the two shouldn't be swapped around. You can still find it by searching either one, only the correct name will be at the top of the page. So I'm just putting in another request just for the hell of it.

I see it the same thing as the "Giant Bomb" vs "Giantbomb" thing. The URL is, the site is actually identified as "Giant Bomb." Perhaps silly, but it's something that plenty of people seem to care about, and I see why HMMWV is any different.

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I no longer have an opinion regarding the name, I'm just super interested in what motivates you to feel so strongly about it.

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I don't see how this is even a thing, it's name is HMMWV, Humvee is merely a colloquialism. The page's name should most definitely be HMMWV.

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Didn't we already have this conversation?