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Toontown Online has been officially closed by Disney, but the team creating Toontown Rewritten has already gotten the game to a closed beta in the months since TTO has been closed down.

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If it's the same game, it belongs on the existing article accompanied by a rename. If it's an entirely new game, two separare articles should exist.

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It looks like someone took Toontown Online, fixed some things, and is unofficial and not much more than a private server.

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@bobafettjm: I hadn't looked it up, but you're right. Being an unofficial attempt at reviving a dead game, it should not get its own page or replace any page. Even an alias would be inappropriate. At best, its existence might be briefly noted on the Toontown Online page.

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Locking this down. Something that's little more than an unofficial private server doesn't really bear mentioning, and it definitely isn't significant enough to get its own page.