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Images Problems & Box Art Changes

Sometimes the wrong box art is the right box art.

Most image issues can be resolved by regular wiki users assuming they have enough points to do so. If you don't have enough points yourself, you can make a post here and either a moderator or a friendly community member will take care of it for you. Things you might want to request here include:

  • Deletion of "bad" images.
  • Moving images that were placed in the wrong gallery or on the wrong page.
  • Changing the default image (box art) on a page to something more relevant, higher quality, and/or just plain better.
  • Anything else involving problems with images of any kind.

What qualifies as a "bad" image that should be deleted?

There are several reasons why a particular image should be deleted.

  • Watermarks - No images on Giant Bomb should have watermarks whatsoever. This includes cropped out, blocked out, or blurred out watermarks.
  • Size - Images and/or screenshots that are very small should be removed unless they're for old games where nothing else is available.
  • Trailers - We don't want a sea of screen caps from trailers. For example, in the past, we've had users taking screen captures every few seconds for E3 trailers and uploading them. This is considered image spam and could result in a wiki suspension or ban for the anyone who does this.
  • Fan Art - This one is tough as it's very subjective. Not all fan art is bad, but unfortunately a significant amount of it is. And also unfortunately, a lot of it bleeds into the next category.
  • Pornography - Whether it happens in the game or not, we'd prefer that you refrain from posting explicitly sexual images on Giant Bomb. If you have a question about whether or not something is explicit, it probably is, but contact a moderator before going forward.
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For those who are regular visitors of the D&C forum, we're rebooting some of these request threads and redoing the guides for them to coincide with the new site. Some of the stuff here was over 4 years old and entirely outdated. If you have any questions/suggestions for any of the information above, let us know.

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@Baillie: Done.

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Hey. I'm newly registered to the site so this would be my first post, I guess.

I was making my first list when I noticed that the default box art image for Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection would probably be better as this one:


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@KKGlider: Looking at the picture, there was a bit un-cropped. Quick Fix.

Box Art
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@Baillie: @KKGlider: Got it.

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@bobafettjm: Excellent. Thanks, Boba.

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@Azgar: I fixed them all for you.

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@Optimaximal: Got them all.

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@Optimaximal said:

GundeadliGne - Screenshot instead of Box Art

Hitogata Happa - Screenshot instead of Box Art

more importantly, aren't those two the exact same game? in which case these pages should be requested to be COMBINED? Or did they just end up with the exact same screenshot as the main image?

took care of the others.

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@DeF: That GundeadliGne screenshot is no longer in the gallery. Judging from the other screenshots, it's not actually from that game.

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@LordAndrew: alrighty, changed!

@Optimaximal: ignore my previous post to you :) took care of it thanks to LordAndrew

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Crazy Cars III - Box Art selected is for Lamborghini American Challenge, which was the CD32 re-release. Have uploaded genuine CC3 box art here.

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@Optimaximal: done

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@Kohlstream: done.

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@Kohlstream: Got it.

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@Optimaximal: done. I cropped the PC box art to get rid of the GFW stuff

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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow's image gallery is in need of some major cleanup due to some truly terrible fanart.

Exhibit A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I. There are more fan art image, but the ones linked especially don't seem to be acceptable in terms of quality or standards.

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I uploaded images from my iPhone. They showed up right-side up when I viewed them on my computer and on my phone, but they're upside down. I can't figure out how to delete them from the Images link on my profile.

Here are the links:




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@ftomato said:

Looks like Ico has the American box art. It used to have the clearly superior European/Japanese box art. Is there a reason for this change?

Going to reiterate this. Just noticed that box art had been switched and it's not for the better. Anyone willing to change this?

e: Someone was kind enough to do it. Thanks.

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I forgot to include the box art when I created the page for 6180 the moon. I've since uploaded it - but the image isn't showing up as the box art. This issue also exists for Dedale - box art and Necrotic Drift - box art. Am I correct in assuming this is something that has to be manually set? If so, can someone please do so?

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The just-created page for Spellirium got made without an image. Could this one be used, please?

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Can someone please change the box art for Monster Truck Madness from the GBA to the PC version? The GBA was a very limited port of what was originally just for PC and is far from the definitive version of the game.

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@psoplayer: done

Hey mods, I hope you don't miss all the image deletion requests in here!

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