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#101 Posted by ReverendHunt (311 posts) -

Uploaded this item in err. Please have it removed.

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#104 Posted by EAhater69 (1 posts) -

Can someone change the default image of Mass Effect 1 to this? I think it would be better to show the original boxart of games, along with the original publisher. The EA logo takes up so much space and really sticks out.

#105 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -
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#107 Posted by BlackLagoon (1371 posts) -

Unless someone has some compelling evidence that Alan Moore the famous comics writer lives a double life in video game QA / production, the images of him on the Alan Moore page should be deleted.

#109 Edited by cloudymusic (1041 posts) -

Obsidian's existing default image is almost incomprehensible, and should probably be changed to the actual box art, which already exists in the gallery here:


If the low resolution is a concern, I can try to find a higher-res copy, but the existing default image is barely any larger as it is.

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#112 Posted by Video_Game_King (35798 posts) -

Unfortunately, carelessness and a gallery browsing glitch resulted in me uploading a Photoshopped pic to the Planet Laika gallery. You'll know which one to remove because it says "REMOVE THIS ONE."

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#115 Posted by minivan (172 posts) -

@def: Thank you. There's a point limit. 5000 I think?

#116 Posted by minivan (172 posts) -
#117 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -
#118 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -

Uploaded a couple of duplicate pictures on accident in Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football. The two duplicates I marked as DELETE should be deleted as they are the lower resolution versions.

#119 Edited by IcyEyes (157 posts) -

For convenience I've created a LEGO Island image gallery named "remove" that I need someone to delete. This gallery contains very low quality stock photos. I uploaded new high quality original screenshots a while ago to replace them. I also need the empty gallery named "PC screenshots" deleted. Including the word "PC" here was pointless since this was never a multiplatform release.


Edit: I also need the LEGO Island primary image/box art updated to this much nicer scan I just uploaded.

#120 Posted by icytower38 (461 posts) -
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#123 Posted by Khessed (90 posts) -

Could this be the boxart for Mindwheel, please?

I've been trying to get it uploaded into the game's gallery but it doesn't seem to wanna go through. I guess there's a rule that I've overlooked or something. This images comes from my "own" gallery on the site.

#124 Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials (2305 posts) -

@khessed: Cropped it for the box art, and added the original to the gallery.

I also managed to fill the gallery with redundant versions of the image, while trying to find a size that worked. Can someone please delete everything marked "Delete" here?



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#127 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -
#128 Posted by Video_Game_King (35798 posts) -

Can somebody clean up the Mode 7 gallery so it only includes SNES games? I have no idea what a Saturn game like Bulk Slash is doing in there.

#129 Posted by dudeglove (7684 posts) -
#130 Edited by DeF (4775 posts) -

@dudeglove: I took care of Brigador.

Wish users could delete images so these requests wouldn't pile up...

@video_game_king: RE: mode 7 issue: this probably exists because the page as a "Pseudo 3D" alias which it maybe shouldn't.

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#132 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -

@def: I would also really love to be able to delete images again.

#133 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -

@video_game_king: I just realized your Mode 7 request was about images ... total brainfart on my part. But regardless, there were actually non-SNES games associated with that page which I removed.

#135 Posted by Braqoon (13 posts) -


Can someone remove all but boxart images from Dark Gates page please ?


Those images are from old versions and i don't gave enough points to do it myself. I will add new up to date images when old ones will be cleared.


#136 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -

@braqoon: Why don't you just add the new ones, so we can switch out the main image now. Users can't delete images anyway. Why do you want to delete them anyway? The wiki isn't for marketing, why not have the images reflect the history of the game with old tentative box art designs? Simply caption them with the relevant info and there you go. That's what the wiki is for, after all.

#137 Posted by Braqoon (13 posts) -

@def can do, just wanted to keep it clean. OK, thanks for response.

#138 Edited by Djeuve (8 posts) -

For the Arma page (a character from Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale), would it be possible for someone to set the image I uploaded in that page's Image section as the "box art" for that character wiki? Also, I uploaded it twice by mistake, I would appreciate if someone could delete the duplicate one for me. Thank you!

#139 Posted by lucinvampire (3 posts) -

Please help...I'm pretty new to this whole thing and I accidently uploaded an image to the Nosgoth wiki - I don't the power to delete it and it shouldn't really be there, please could someone kindly remove it for me pretty please....


It really shouldn't be there because it's someone pointing out a bug in the game heh.

Thank you :D

#140 Edited by DeF (4775 posts) -

@lucinvampire: maybe in a year a mod will have deleted it, with the current speed these requests are being handled.

#141 Edited by Mento (2413 posts) -

Hey folks, I'm processing a lot of these delete requests. I guess the wiki mods don't check this place too often, since most of the requests are for stuff our regular users can do.

If I missed someone's request (I haven't gone too far back yet), feel free to let us know. Also, a direct link to the image isn't super useful if you need it removed from a specific gallery - a link to the gallery itself with "REMOVE" or "DELETE" tags/subtitles already attached to the offending images is preferable.

@icyeyes: As redundant as it may seem, all screenshots ought to be tagged as both "Screenshots" and "[Platform] Screenshots" for the sake of transparency. Plus, it's impossible to say what games will remain system exclusives forever.

#142 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -

@mento: Thanks for picking up the scraps :)

#143 Edited by lucinvampire (3 posts) -

@mento: you are a legend :D thank you muchly. ok if this ever happens again i'll be sure to post the way instructed, wasnt sure what was needed. thankies again.

#144 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -

The old box art for The Jetsons: Robot Panic can be deleted from the image gallery here. I uploaded a better quality one and marked the old one with DELETE.

#145 Posted by Mento (2413 posts) -

@bobafettjm: Done.

Incidentally, we've logged the issue of users not being able to delete images for the next big wiki update. No idea when that's going down as of yet, but I'm fairly certain it won't happen until after E3.

#146 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -

@mento: I can't wait to be able to do that again. It should keep the amount of work the mods have to do down.

#147 Posted by DeF (4775 posts) -

@mento said:

@bobafettjm: Done.

Incidentally, we've logged the issue of users not being able to delete images for the next big wiki update. No idea when that's going down as of yet, but I'm fairly certain it won't happen until after E3.


#148 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -

Got some more images that need to be deleted. There are some REALLY low quality color images in the gallery for Torpedo Range that need to be deleted. I marked them with DELETE.

#149 Posted by Mento (2413 posts) -
#150 Posted by bobafettjm (1387 posts) -