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Only moderators and staff have the ability to remove errant Release data. Post here and we'll take care of them a couple times a week or so.


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It's going to be a big list, but it's best to make a note of everything and then deal with it when we can. Good work man.

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Phantasy Star II
The three Sept. 2, 2010 iPhone releases (UK, US, UK) without artwork should be deleted. Was cleaning up other records and lumped all the bad ones there. 
I have a longer PM sent to ZombiePie with the full details. Glad to see a solution in the works!
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cool beans

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Back when the mods decided to revise the rules and started removing collections, I added a ton of releases to various games (for the collections). Should these releases be deleted now?

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@StarFoxA: In most cases, yeah.
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@Marino: In that case... 
Pac-Man (also remove any Pac-Man Collection releases), Rally-X, New Rally-X, Galaga (get the "Arcade Classic" releases here too), Bosconian, Pole Position, Toy Pop, Galaxian, Centipede, Millipede, Mappy, Xevious, Galaga 3, Grobda, Dragon Buster, Super Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Pole Position II, The Tower of Druaga, Phozon, Pac-Land, Assault, Ordyne, The Return of Ishtar, Genpai Touma Den, Pac-Mania, Dragon Spirit, Metro-Cross, Baraduke, Valkyrie no Densetsu, Dragon Saber, and Pac-Attack all have several releases for Namco Museum(s) 
There are a lot more, that was just a quick look through Namco Museum Vol. 1 through 5.
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Release problems not Releases problems

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DJ Hero 3D has a release listed, but it seems to have been cancelled along with the Guitar Hero franchise, and thus will never be released. Same goes for True Crime: Hong Kong, which was also cancelled and has three releases listed which now won't happen.
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Some of the compilation releases here need to be deleted.

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Cosmic Smash: PC release and US arcade releases need to be deleted.
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So should all compilations be deleted? What about the ones that don't have their own entry in the wiki, like some of the double packs or value packs?

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@bobafettjm said:
" So should all compilations be deleted? What about the ones that don't have their own entry in the wiki, like some of the double packs or value packs? "
No, compilations can have a page IF the games included on the compilation are on the same disc/cartridge/casette/whatever. If it's a compilation where there are multiple discs each containing a separate game, then it doesn't get a page. 
The reason that we're deleting compilation releases is because, in many cases, those compilations have a page, so it's not necessary to have a release on each game involved.
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Yea I was wondering if games like the combo packs on the Xbox 360 should be included as a release on say the Lego Batman page and the Pure page for example, not full pages.

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@Echo: Should the UK arcade release stay?
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@Marino: Yep, the UK saw an arcade release, surprisingly.
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@Marino: duplicate  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas US releases
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Yakuza 4 has a duplicate Australia release.
This seems like a large oversight of the "TOP MEN", I do not envy who ever has to clean it up.
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Anniversary releases should be deleted from Mega Man 7.
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Delete the release titled "delete" here
Also here.

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@meb: Looks to me like one is the M-rated version and one is the AO-rated version.
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Remove the release for Final Fantasy Chronicles here.

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Somebody added a German box-art with an UK release in Left 4 Dead, and it needs to be removed
As for Call of Duty: World at War, somebody added PS2 release of Final Fronts, so it needs to be removed too.

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I was trying to add a release for Shaq Attaq and it did the never ending loading thing and now there are multiples that need to be deleted.

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Hell's Kitchen (I don't know how to quick link to games on the forums) needs the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 releases deleted.

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Should be caught up now.

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there is an extra US PC release on Bastion

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Orcs Must Die! has a PS3 release. This game is being published by Microsoft, hence the conflict.
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Done up to here.

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Flight Control never came out for PS3 in NA. Needs to be deleted. Unsure of the Japanese version

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@Veilor said:

F-Zero Climax have two Japan releases.

You didn't fix this, one needs to be deleted.

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SingStar has two Australian releases that look the same.

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XCOM's dates need to be updated to reflect the recent annonced delays, as of right now XCOM does show up as coming out next month on the New games page

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Dust 514 has two, old Xbox 360 releases listed. The game is now a Sony exclusive so they should be removed.

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