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@def: I've explained to you already why I don't believe these are accurate or even necessary acronyms/aliases. Honestly, some of your past ones are questionable but I just went with it. And now Jeff himself has even removed at least one of them. So, no, I'm not going to add these aliases.

Done up to here.

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@marino: Guess, I'll have to leave it be then. Though I still strongly disagree, especially with the accurate part. I see that the removed alias is the WWHD from the Wind Waker remaster which I find hard to comprehend as I thought the concept of aliases was to include ones that are commonly used and all I've been trying to do here is add common abbreviations used when discussing these games.

Aliases allow us to make it easier for everyone to find what they're looking for in the search bar. Whether it's just a popular abbreviation for a game (i.e. EverQuest = EQ) or an alternate name for a game (i.e. Rad Racer to Highway Star), aliases are important to how the site functions.

I'm surely not making these up out of boredom. Of course if someone doesn't talk about these games ever, it's tough to come across the respective shorthand. I just don't understand how useful shortcuts even being removed is beneficial whereas having them is seen as undesirable. If you ever reconsider this stance, I hope you remember to add those but until then, I'll let this go even. Thanks for your reply.

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Should Yugi Muto have Atem and Yami added to the aliases, since those are the names of the Pharaoh in his body, or should somebody make a new page for that guy?

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Descent Maximum needs the aliases Descent II and Descent 2, which was the name it was released under in Europe. It is an entirely different game from the PC game Descent II, so it should remain a separate entry (which people keep adding the platform "PlayStation" to, due to the naming confusion).

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Moe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe Ultra should be renamed. Probably to "Moe Moe 2-ji Daisenryaku 2 [chu~♪]" . That's not entirely accurate, as in Japanese the name is a pun on World War II (2-ji Taisen) and the name of Daisenryaku franchise and you have to pick one of them when transliterating. The [chu~♪] bit is peripheral, but I included it since the developer uses it in text references to the game.

Remove the aliases "PS3 & Vita Combined Download" and "Cross Platform Entitlement" from PS3 & Vita Cross-Play. Those are confusing Cross-Play with Cross Buy.

(rename) Ryoufuu no Melt: Days in the Sanctuary -> Suzukaze no Melt: Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other (original PC version, also Ryoufuu seems to be a mistransliteration)

(rename) Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 4: Natsu no Koikatsu -> Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 4 (original PC version title)

(rename) Hakuoki Junsouroku -> Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (official English title)

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How about a more concrete one? Revolver Ocelot should have Shalashaska added as an alias because Kojima.

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Would it be possible to add an alias for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive compilation M6? It was also known as "Mega Games 6", "Mega 6 Volume 3", "Mega 6 Vol. 3" and sometimes "Mega 6".

Here is a link to some more information - http://segaretro.org/Mega_6_Volume_3 and http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/M6

Last link says it is the same as 6-Pak but the the games on M6 are broken down into compilations so the main menu might be slightly different see link here for more info - http://segaretro.org/6-Pak. Also M6 comes with Super Monaco GP whereas the 6-Pak cartridge seems to have Super Hang-On (so the link may not be 100% correct).

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Pong Toss is being released on the PSN this week under the name Beer Pong! (yeah, with an exclamation point...) please add this as an alias.

Also, the wiki for that page is extremely biased, bashing on the game as "awful" and "terrible" especially towards the end. I dunno if the mods just delete that sort of thing, or wait for someone to re-edit it. But I wanted to bring it to your attention.

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@saturdaynightspecials: The 2600 game isn't called Yar's Revenge, though. The plural possessive is the proper title. The remake distinguishes itself by using the singular possessive.

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@hailinel said:

@saturdaynightspecials: The 2600 game isn't called Yar's Revenge, though. The plural possessive is the proper title. The remake distinguishes itself by using the singular possessive.

Yeah, that's why I'm asking for an alias, so the placement of one apostrophe doesn't get in the way of people finding the page.

I know all the pages show up when you type "Yars Revenge", but I would naturally put an apostrophe.

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Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge was called Lotus II: R.E.C.S (or Lotus II: RECS) on the Sega Mega Drive/Gensis. It was also called Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge on the Amiga. Can these be added as Alias?

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I'm pretty sure the Tarot Cards page should have Arcana added as an alias. Arcana are a concept highly related to tarot cards, but there's not enough material on them that they warrant their own page.

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Should Yugi Muto have Atem and Yami added to the aliases, since those are the names of the Pharaoh in his body, or should somebody make a new page for that guy?

I have no idea what any of this is.

Otherwise, done up to here.

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@video_game_king: I'm not going to spend time studying the history of fucking Yu-Gi-Oh in order to answer your question. I refuse.

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A big list of edits for Ouendan characters. A few typos, and a lot of name reordering. I take it that the standard format of the wiki is to use given name before family name (i.e. western name order), but some of the character pages were created with family name before given name.

Doumeki Kai > Kai Doumeki

Kanda Aoi > Aoi Kanda

Kawai Honora > Honoka Kawai (misspelling as well as name order)

Kiryuuin Kaoru > Kaoru Kiryuuin

Saionji > Hayato Saionji

Shinta Kikushi > Shinta Kikuchi

Sugita Kenshin > Kenshin Sugita

Suzuki > Ittetsu Suzuki

Tanaka Hajime > Hajime Tanaka

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Please add two aliases to Akinori Nishiyama's page. He was credited as "Locky P" and "Works Nishi" on several Japanese games.

I have removed all credits on the Locky P page, which will soon be deleted, and have given them to Akinori-san.

Also, please add the alias "N. Gee" to Masayuki Nagao's page. Another headhunter-thwarting Japanese alias from a bygone era.

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Giovanni del Moral ---> Vanni del Moral

Giovanni is indeed his full name but he's not ever credited by that name in-game (despite what IMDB says... I think they actually cribbed that credit from here)

Giovanni del Moral could be added as an alias, methinks.

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Rename: Lightmare Studios -> Lightmare Studio

There is another page called Lightmare Studios, but it's a different company and the name is correct.

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Kaiju Combat ---> Kaijuland Battles

(Kaiju Combat can remain an alias. Name changed due to legal issues)

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Unless somebody wants to make an argument that this should be its own page, I propose that "Anal sex" be added as an alias to the Sex page. (Other forms of sex could be added, but for now, I'm proposing this one.)

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Kokone Kizuki should be renamed to Athena Cykes as that is the North American name of the character.

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I accidentally created a duplicate of a preexisting wiki entry. Please the delete the Forget Me Not: Palette page.

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David Walker should be renamed David "Hesh" Walker, and have Hesh Walker as an alias, if you see fit.

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Rename or alias, depending on what's appropriate...

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma -> BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

All the references on the official North American site have the name as I've written it above, or the same in ALL CAPS.

The official Japanese site uses the format BLAZBLUE: CHRONOPHANTASMA when written in English.

I don't know what the etiquette is for English name vs. Japanese name/style in these cases. At least one should be an alias and one the game name. Currently, if you try a GB search for "BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma", you don't get any results because of that extra space in the search term.

*Edit* Ok, I see someone suggested the reverse a couple weeks ago. Please put one as the alias, at the very least. Thanks.

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@wraithtek: In general the official North American publisher plain text spelling (not stylized logos) takes preference. Aksys seems to be using BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, so I guess it should be changed back to that.

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Got a Pokemon related alias.

Cherish Ball - Precious Ball (This is the Japanese name for it)

EDIT: Guess I will add more here since mine was still the last post.

Plunger should have an alias of Autoplunger which is another type of pinball plunger. I added information on it on the page. Also, should we maybe name is something like Plunger (Pinball) or something? I had to go through and delete associations for games that were meant for this plunger.

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Rename T-Bone to T-Bone Grady.

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I just created this concept page: DualShock 4 Support for PC and I almost named it "PlayStation 4 Controller Support for PC" before I remembered the actual name of the controller.

Please add the alias "PlayStation 4 Controller Support for PC" to the page to make sure confused people like me can find the page.

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Done up to here.

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Rieko Kodama has had several aliases over her long career: Phenix Rie, Phoenix Rie, and Phoenix.

Naoto Oshima was credited as "BigIsland" and "Big Island" in many games earlier in his career (his last name means "big island" in Japanese), and as "Rockhy Nao" on the original Phantasy Star.

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Mari Rose --> Marie Rose

I was just translating the kana and hadn't seen her name in roman script at that point.