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There are two Kevin Garnett entries that I stumbled upon... one is listing him as a character; the other is listing him as a person.

Character entry

Person entry

Not sure if you'd want to delete one, or combine the two somehow.

Edit: Tried to delete this after finding out it's been mentioned and addressed before, but the post still shows up :/.

@mracoon said:

If they are credited in a game they get a person page, if they are a character in a game then they get a character page. So people can have both a character and person pages.

@Unknown_Pleasures said:

The criteria for someone having a person page is they have to be credited in at least one game, meaning they need to appear in the end game credits. But they can also have a character page if they actually appear within a game.
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For the games listed on his person page, he appears on the cover, which I would assume he's credited for. So, he qualifies for both types of pages.