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Merged. Thanks dude.

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Also, how awesome would it be if they re-made this game for the next-gen systems like they're doing for MK vs. DC Universe? It'd be a ridiculously big hit.

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how awesome?

so awesome.

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Tell me about it man, I was talking with someone about the possibility of such a game yesterday. Probably won't happen any time soon, but ya never know.

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well there was that whole "sooner than you think" thing at Comic-Con.  Probably doesn't mean anything though.  But I can dream!

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...Gonna have to fill me in on this. I didn't catch much coverage of Comic-Con. Elaborate, please.

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Oh, someone asked one of the guys at Marvel if they ever planned to make another Marvel Vs. Capcom game, and he said it's possible, and "sooner than you think"

not much more info than that, but it's a start!

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Very cool! Thanks!

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*****Bumping up for ordering purposes*****