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That link goes nowhere. Hell, when I hover over it in Chrome, it just gives me numbers instead of a URL.

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I thought the rule was to use transliteration/romanization in the absence of a proper English title.

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@Video_Game_King: Look at the link, the romanization is "Nuclear Titbit".

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From what I could gather, that appears to be the translation. I don't know Russian, but the romanization would probably be "Jadjernyye titbit" (I used an online converter).

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@Video_Game_King: What's the point of doing that when the title is clearly Nuclear Titbit in English? This reminds me of the Square's Tom Sawyer situation (it use to be "Square no Tom Sawyer" but I got the mods to change it to its current title).....if there is a reliable English translation it should be used

EDIT: But based on the rules, I will create a page titled "Jadernyj Titbit" and request the English translation and original Russian titles to be added as aliases.....I think the rules need to be tweaked though.

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I think the problem is that there's never just one translation. For example, Fire Emblem 4 can be known as Genealogy of the Holy War or Lineage of the Holy War or Holy War Lineage or generally any combination of those (or possibly more). Until an official name comes along (I doubt it, given how intent Nintendo seems to be on ignoring the Jugdral games), who's to say what the official translation is? In those cases, it's safer to go with a romanized title. Granted, Square's Tom Sawyer is a pretty unambiguous case, but I'm willing to posit that the ambiguous outnumber those other cases.

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@Video_Game_King: Well I think its something that should be looked at on a case to case basis.....While its true that a lot of games won't have a clear translation (especially Japanese games), that's not the case with every game.....This game seems to have a pretty clear cut translation even though the publisher hasn't "officially" released an English translation....while I get that the rule is to prevent people from using incorrect or debatable English translations, I think exceptions can be made on special cases.

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Looking up the word on Wiktionary, this does seem to be one of those unambiguous cases (there's only one definition). I'm still gonna defend the rule, but in this case, English translation wins out.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

I don't know where you found it in this wiki though because the link is broken.

It's the very last item when you sort alphabetically. I've seen it numerous times, but couldn't do anything about it due to the broken url. Here's some useless information about the page obtained through the API:

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Added to the database April 1, 2008, and stuck around for four years because no one can delete it.

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@Video_Game_King: Yeah I'm not suggesting getting rid of the rule because like I said it lays a good ground work and prevents people from using ambiguous translations, I'm just saying certain games should be looked at on an individual basis as exceptions.....I would like to hear what Jeff or one of the mods think about this though, until then I'll just keep the title at Jadernyj Titbit

@LordAndrew: I wonder if it'll get deleted automatically when the redesign happens.

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@Guided_By_Tigers: Thanks for making the page, I stumbled across this game when I was bored and I went to the very end of the Alphabetical Order list.