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I figured what with the Breaking Brad going on that people might be interested to know Demon's Souls is on sale on PSN for 11 bucks. I'm honestly not sure if this applies to people outside the US though.

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It was free on PS+ about a year ago. Of course you should have owned it 4 years ago /grumble

Eh who am I kidding, I've gotten a ridiculous number of games from PS+

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did they put servers back up?

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@example1013: Multiplayer seems to be working fine, if anything there's a hell of a lot more people playing right now. <5 minute summon times.

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Great game, $11 is a great deal for it.

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@example1013 said:

did they put servers back up?

They never actually went down. They announced they would shut them down a few times, but then they kept pushing it back.

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Oh, I'm dumb then, that's why I stopped playing the game lol.

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I just hope the UK price is low enough that I have to download this too.