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Poll: Console Owners are you going to buy this game ? (243 votes)

Yes 42%
No 58%

Diablo 3 is set to release on September 3rd on Xbox 360 and PS3. A PS4 version will be coming out in 2014.

Some websites have reviewed the Console port and surprisingly it looks ok.


– 8/10

Game Informer

– 9.25/10


– 9/10


– 9/10


– 8.9/10

This port has been praised for its Local Co-op. At least Console owners wont need to worry about server woes and Error 37.

#1 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7444 posts) -

Diablo clones have always worked well on consoles so that's not surprising at all, unfortunately Blizzard was so obsessed with its not free to play free to play model and the RMAH so they didn't release it at the same time on consoles and there seems to be absolutely no hype surrounding this. It'll probably do okay, but they could've sold as many copies as they sold on PC if they released it in tandem with the original PC release. Good reviews for D3 are meaningless, the press will review anything Blizzard makes well no matter what.

#2 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

I don't know man, perhaps later on. Not a fan of the insane mouse clicking of the original. With active dodge, dual joystick controls and loot tables that aren't balanced for an ingame AH, it could be fun man. I bet the menus suck a really big dick though.

#3 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

No, not on current gen systems. Maybe I will buy it for the PS4 depending on when it releases and what other games are out at the time. More likely I will pick it up when it drops to $40 or when the expansion/GOTY edition is out.

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I am definitely getting it but will wait for the ps4 version. I haven't had a fun local co-op game in a long while.

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Never played any of them. Only game I played like that is Torchlight 2 so I will probably get it on PS4

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I read the Eurogamer review earlier today and it actually seems pretty interesting. Couch co-op and an active dodge feature sounds really cool.

Edit: Also, doing away with the insane clicking in favor of more direct control sounds like a good idea.

#7 Edited by Deranged (1944 posts) -

Is it coming out on Xbox One similarly to how it's releasing on the Playstation 4? If so, I'll wait until then but I am intrigued by how much better it seems to control on a gamepad.

#8 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@deranged: Apparently Blizzard never received any Xbox one Dev kits. That probably contributed to the delay of the PS4 version.

#9 Posted by Zirilius (889 posts) -

I would buy this game for consoles if I could access my battle.net Characters from the PC version. Much rather sit on my couch with a controller than play at my desk. Especially when all your doing is level 60 farming.

@svenzon said:

I read the Eurogamer review earlier today and it actually seems pretty interesting. Couch co-op and an active dodge feature sounds really cool.

Edit: Also, doing away with the insane clicking in favor of more direct control sounds like a good idea.

I do like what they have done with it. The active dodging seems like it would make the game super easy. Especially considering how many escapes a Demon Hunter has but without having actively tried it I'll reserve judgment.

#10 Posted by SavePoint (105 posts) -

I'll probably pick it up for the PS4 someday. Still haven't played the PC version, but would like to check it out for a console.

#11 Edited by ShaggE (7237 posts) -

I have the PC version, but I'll more than likely get it for PS4 at some point. I *really* like Diablo 3, and direct control sounds like a change that could really affect how I play the game.

#12 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

Hell yes for the PS4

#13 Edited by devilzrule27 (1241 posts) -

Yes, but I'll wait for the price to go down. Not spending $60 on a year and a half old game.

#14 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

Nope. All interest in the game has been lost.

#15 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Yes. On PS4. At least if its bundled with Reaper of Souls. Which it will be. Come on!

Love how there is no auction house, and that less loot drops, but it's better suited for my character and more powerful. I had like one useful drop for my character in the hundert'ish hours I've played Diablo III on PC, at least past the first couple of hours. It was all about gold gold gold, and earning it in the auction house. For somebody who enjoys the core gameplay, but trading not so much, it wasn't really viable longterm.

I think it looks like more fun with the gamepad, albeit I had hoped Blizzard would go for dualstick shooter-like controls (think Super Stardust HD), but I guess I can't have everything. Obviously such a control-scheme would have changed the gameplay too much, since it'd allow the player to move and attack simultaniously - it wouldn't have been Diablo anymore that way. Still - I think I might like an action RPG lootfest with dualstick shooter-like controls a whole lot.

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$60 is too much for an old game. Shouldve launched at $39.99 on current gen.

However, it's a nice option, specifically due to local co-op. If I had some friends who wanted to play locally, I would definitely be interested.

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Hell yes, for the PS4. I really enjoyed it on PC but; no RMAH, local co-op, and assuming direct control? Sounds like the definitive Diablo 3 to me. I'll also wait for the console release of the expansion.

#18 Posted by mikey87144 (2000 posts) -

Maybe for the PS4.

#19 Posted by sarahsdad (1290 posts) -

maybe on ps4, since my poor old pc can't run it

#20 Posted by ProfessorEss (7701 posts) -

I bought the PC version and just couldn't get into it at all. I don't blame the quality I just haven't been able to get into loot-based games (historically a mechanic I've loved) for a while now.

I bet it's an awesome port and couch co-op is intriguing, but no.

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@seppli: Blizzard just announced the expansion, which means it will come out in roughly 2-3 years.

#22 Edited by Lukeweizer (3107 posts) -

I've played the shit out of the PC version and will probably still be picking the console version up. Don't know why. Would be kind of nice to have a loot driven, local co-op game to have around. And I just like the game. Curious to see the changes they made for console.

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Only if it supports couch co-op and the spouse digs it. ;)

#24 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

@deranged: Apparently Blizzard never received any Xbox one Dev kits. That probably contributed to the delay of the PS4 version.

Interesting, so there may still be hope?

#25 Posted by HellknightLeon (489 posts) -

Maybe at some point. I've never played it and even with the "good" reviews most people didn't care for it all that much after the first 10 hours or so. Still... I would like to try it out. I love me some Diablo and Diablo 2... so.. yes. Thats my long winded answer.

#26 Edited by falserelic (5721 posts) -

I might be crazy, but maybe.

-Maybe it could be a good time.

- Maybe it might be a waste of time.

-Maybe a complete waste of money.

- Maybe I might find out for myself, but only maybe.

#27 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7444 posts) -

@hellknightleon: If you do insist on buying it at least wait, 60 bucks for an over a year old game is ridiculous. Much like buying mass effect 2 on PS3 initially, there's absolutely no reason to at present. the game is fine, vastly inferior to press reviews but still better than most other D2 clones, but it's not worth 60 bucks.

#28 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1038 posts) -

On ps4 when the price goes down maybe I'll try it out.

#29 Posted by SMTDante89 (2753 posts) -

Maybe on the PS4 after the game drops in price a bit. But that's a pretty big maybe, with a lean towards no.

#30 Edited by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@deranged: Yup. Its interesting how they removed online play from the current gen versions. I bet the next gen versions will have online play/ Auction house capabilities.

#31 Posted by Deranged (1944 posts) -

@jimmyfenix: I hope so! I'll probably hold off then on buying the 360 version unless they plan to follow up on that upgrade program!

#32 Posted by Fattony12000 (7968 posts) -


#33 Posted by guiseppe (2843 posts) -

I would if I had someone to co-op with, but I don't.

#34 Posted by Vonocourt (2180 posts) -

Maybe on the PS4/Xbox One like @djou said, if it comes out during the expected drought.

#35 Posted by TobbRobb (5214 posts) -

No, even if the late game turns out better compared to the shit on PC, I don't care enough to level another 60 or playing through it in general.

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Can you trade items between the console version and the PC version? If not, no I am not going to purchase it.

#37 Posted by TechHits (1483 posts) -

Can you trade items between the console version and the PC version? If not, no I am not going to purchase it.

no you cannot, that was the deal breaker for me too.

#38 Posted by Marokai (3388 posts) -

I'm eager to see what the Ps4 version looks like, but I'm definitely interested in getting it for some console, as someone who had personal/moral objections to how Diablo III was on PC.

#39 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Nope, belongs on a PC in my mind and that's where I will continue to play it.

#40 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4539 posts) -

Local co-op could be the sell. I have a buddy who I play couch co-op with pretty often and this could be pretty awesome.

Enjoyed it on PC but D3 is no D2, no doubt about it.

#41 Posted by Kidavenger (3923 posts) -

Played it on PC and enjoyed it, but it wasn't the experience I expected it to be; good but somehow still a letdown, I won't play it on console.

#42 Posted by Lnin0 (188 posts) -

Three copies pre-ordered for the 360. Action RPGs are made for direct control not point and click. Plus the console version already has loot 2.0, no RMAH and couch/LAN play.

I would expect a late announcement that it is coming to Xbox One, just as they did with the 360. Sony has obviously partnered with Blizzard to get first billing and PS3 exclusive items but I don't think it is anymore than marketing.

#43 Posted by Jeust (11571 posts) -

No. Unless the story is magically better I don't have any curiosity about it.

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I have already pre-ordered this game. I also went to a GAME lock in last night, were we were given the chance to play the game early for a couple of hours. Had a four player game with 2 other dudes and the Activision rep and it was a blast. I have played a lot of Diablo clones on console, starting with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, going through X-Men Legends, MUA, MUA 2 and Dungeon Siege 3 to name just a few but for some reason, Diablo 3 has something, that X factor that Blizzard games have. I had my doubts but the couple of hours I had with it really sold the game for me.

#45 Edited by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

If I could use my PC Cd-key to play the game on the Ps3 I would totally do it. But I already wasted full price $$ on this game that I didn't really like, I'm not going to do it again just to get it on console.

Torchlight II on the other hand...

#46 Posted by THRICE_604 (217 posts) -

Downloading it now on PS3. Was going to wait for the PS4 version but its Blizzard. They only got dev kits a few weeks ago and they take their sweet time so who knows when that will ever be released. Its getting great scores and the only issue I had with D3 on PC is that I've had a growing disdain for playing mouse and keyboard in the decade plus since D2 took over my life.

#47 Posted by Littleg (84 posts) -

I'm definitely tempted. My PC is resolutely not a gaming rig, and I gave serious consideration to buying the original Diablo just the other day, just to get that sweet loot fix. I'll have to have a look at all the reviews and see what people think of the control scheme etc.

#48 Posted by FourWude (2274 posts) -

I want this game. But there's so many other games coming out right now and the sales as well.

Too many games.

Is this the sort of game I can pick up in 6 months time and know that there will still be an active community and people willing to join my game for some online coop?

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Not when I already have it on PC

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Nope, don't really care about Diablo.