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#1 Posted by spiralcut (133 posts) -

Cheers gents,

Feel free to look for BOMB in the new Clan Finder in-game for a Giant Bomb clan.

Step 1: Hit N in-game

Step 2: Type BOMB in the search and hit search

Step 3: Profit

#2 Edited by JJWeatherman (14803 posts) -

Excellent. I've sent a request to join.

I've also created a Community Group called "Giant Bomb Dot Com," "Giant Bomb," which anyone can search for and join.


#3 Posted by Sjupp (1946 posts) -

I get zero results? Are EU and US clans separated? :/

#4 Posted by VeggiesBro (170 posts) -

Sweet! I will send a request as soon as I get a few minutes! :D

#5 Posted by Karolis (294 posts) -

@sjupp: Getting no results in EU, seems so.

#6 Posted by spiralcut (133 posts) -

Yes, sorry to not clarify that, this is for the US. But it's easy enough to start one up on the EU side.

#7 Posted by Rustafur (97 posts) -

Thanks for setting this up! Will be really nice to actually play some multiplayer D3 thats not with a bunch of raging asshats :D

#8 Edited by Philip (153 posts) -

Hey, I sent a request also.

#9 Edited by Karolis (294 posts) -

I just created a community on the EU server. Look for "Giant Bomb EU" for all your duder needs.

#10 Edited by Jondan (102 posts) -

Sent a request just now, Jondan#1240

#11 Posted by Wampa1 (815 posts) -

@lone_f: Can't seem to find it, any others have luck?

#12 Posted by Karolis (294 posts) -

@wampa1: There's 7 of us in there, so it definitely works. It's listed under Online communities in English (British), because that's the default search option. I could also invite you! Hit me up Karolis#2315

#13 Edited by entangledvyne (17 posts) -

just got in, entangel#1412 gg duders.

#14 Posted by NeoCalypso (349 posts) -

Just a heads up, the clans only support 150 members so this first clan on the NA side has totally filled up. There were still like 20+ people who were queued to join before it got full so you guys may wanna just make another one. I imagine that one will fill up pretty quick as well.

#15 Posted by spiralcut (133 posts) -

Yea saw the limit on our clan, that was surprising to say the least. Maybe someone can make GBSQ?

#16 Posted by 300pts (2 posts) -

I made another clan for anybody still looking to join. Look for Giant Bomb Squad 2.

#17 Edited by kishinfoulux (2883 posts) -

@300pts said:

I made another clan for anybody still looking to join. Look for Giant Bomb Squad 2.

Cool thanks for that.

Apparently there are two additional clans. One is the one mentioned above and the other is GBSQ. Both made by different people.

#18 Posted by spiralcut (133 posts) -

I have a feeling that, given enough time, both of those will fill up nicely.

#19 Posted by JammyJesus (773 posts) -

Can't find the EU group. Looking in English (British) and non are listed. It must be pretty buggy.

#21 Posted by dusker (225 posts) -

Joined the community and then the other two clans that aren't full. Looking forward to playing with you gents!

#22 Posted by devianthamster (11 posts) -

Joined the community and Giant Bomb Squad 2 (phillykb#1483)

If anyone ever wants to party up, let me know. Mostly play my witchie.

#23 Posted by phuzzybunny (175 posts) -

I've been playing a whole lot of Diablo 3 as of late. Will party up with anybody. My username is phuzzybunny and I'm part of the Giant bomb squad 2. Love to play with anyone else and skype is a plus. I have a high level max level barbarian and leveling a monk atm.

#24 Edited by JayHayabusa (162 posts) -

hey duders,

I just sent a request to join Giant Bomb Squad 2. Leader viledead. Could you plz add me? JayHayabusa#2672 on there.

#25 Posted by Kteven (63 posts) -

I'm sure i'm just being an idiot, but I have been trying to join the EU clan for a while now and I can never find it. Anyone got any ideas?

#26 Posted by Forcen (2137 posts) -

@kteven: I just did a search for "bomb" in communitys and found it.

#27 Edited by Kteven (63 posts) -

@forcen: Thank you. I may be the stupidest person in the world. I was searching through Clan, not Communities, all sorted now.

#28 Posted by ocdog45 (712 posts) -

for giantbombsquad it would let me join code "319036" came up. so I just joined squad 2. anybody down to play hit me up. ocdog45

#29 Posted by MajorZiggy (58 posts) -

Any duders want to make a Giant Bomb clan on EU servers? At the moment there is only a community. I think we should make a clan of sorts!

#30 Edited by Kteven (63 posts) -

@majorziggy: I would be interested. I'll join or I could set one up when I get back from work in a few hours.

#31 Posted by Kteven (63 posts) -

I finally made an EU clan if anyone is interested. The name is "Giant Bomb EU" and the tag is "GBEU". Its on the English channel.

#32 Posted by MajorZiggy (58 posts) -

@kteven: Thanks! Completely forgot to make one and also that I posted this. Woops! :)

#33 Edited by Kraki (10 posts) -

First 2 filled up So I started a third. Come say hey.

#34 Posted by ICryCauseImEmo (525 posts) -

I'll be putting a request in for the Squad 3 I suppose. Name will be Deathprevail.

#35 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

Threw in a request for squad 3. ck1nd!

#36 Posted by Freek (106 posts) -

Just put my request in for 3. Name is the same as it is here.

#37 Posted by LordoftheHills (10 posts) -

Just applied to squad 2!

#38 Posted by Krataur (468 posts) -

Applied for 3, same name as here...and already a response, awesome!

#39 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

Tried to apply to 3 , but it says "cannot take more requests"..

#40 Posted by Schmollian (322 posts) -

Squad 3 is full up! I want to play with you guys!

#41 Edited by pause422 (6281 posts) -

I'm not sure if I'm gonna pick up RoS right now and I've been so unsure about trying D3 again but I'm gonna go ahead and reinstall it and we'll see. Can someone tell me if you can be in two clans at the same time, or can it only be one? I would join the US and EU one with no issue.

#42 Edited by Mike (14575 posts) -

You can join as many Communities as you like, but only one Clan at a time.

#43 Edited by pause422 (6281 posts) -

Ah okay, guess I'll just do the US one then, wish you could do multiple. Always kinda annoying when a group has to get separated cuz of territory restrictions without an option. Thanks for the info.

#44 Posted by theimmortalbum (552 posts) -

I created a new clan, Giant Bomb Squad 4. No idea how they work, but it can have 149 more members join. Join up!

#45 Posted by ajamafalous (12541 posts) -

@pause422 said:

Ah okay, guess I'll just do the US one then, wish you could do multiple. Always kinda annoying when a group has to get separated cuz of territory restrictions without an option. Thanks for the info.

Not sure because I haven't checked, but you can probably join a different EU and US clan, since the people on the EU server in this thread seemed to not be able to find the US clan?

#46 Posted by Marino (5569 posts) -

@spiralcut: Good luck on the clan. You've got a promo on the front page of the site now.

#47 Posted by spiralcut (133 posts) -

@marino: I would love to be credited with a major achievement, but we maxed out the clan in about 2 days. Max size is 150 members and we blew past that. However we do have a GiantBomb Community group available in-game, as well as numerous other clans that are listed in that community.

#48 Posted by SockLobster (458 posts) -

Just sent a request to the EU Clan, let's click on ghosts and skeletons until they drop their lunch money.

#49 Posted by Balrox_ (24 posts) -

Applied for EU! I'm suprised though that there are so many more US players that they are on their 4th clan now, and EU is only half full :D

#50 Posted by MarkM (362 posts) -

I'm going to get back in to D3 pretty soon. I'll join.
Gonna have to buy RoS, too.