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Pretty straight forward, a thread for community members to find new members to play with. Game just came out so most of us are new but if you'd like you can list "skill level" you are looking for. Enjoy!

System: PS3

PSN/Steam Username: AKA_Voltron

Region: US West Coast

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System: PS3

PSN: TurkKra

Region: US West

Look forward to trying to get decent in time for the tournament!

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Jixashauser/steam. Let's go!

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I am on Vita. wrizzle88 is the psn ID. Send us a msg when added :-) Diiiiiiiiveeeeeeeee Keeeeeek

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PSN: T-Bucket

Bring it on!

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PSN: jonescrici


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I have it on both PC and PS3.

Steam: MattyFTM

PSN: TheMattyFTM

Region: UK

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PSN: OscarExplosion

Region: US West Coast

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System: PS3/Vita

Username: UltimateEgg0

Region: US East Coast

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System: PS3/Vita

Username: RyokuSonic

Region: US East Coast

Right now, trying to master playing with Kick. Good luck to all tournament goers.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring, if only so I can recognize a few more names online

System: Steam

Name: ImperiousRix

Region: US West Coast

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Steam: [TeH] Lyndon B. Johnson

Region: US East Coast

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System: ALL (PS3/Vita/PC

PSN: Glgotha

Steam Username: Slax21

Region: US West Coast

Vita is having some issues, so I'm gonna start doing more PC.

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Steam and 360 (Every fighting game on both): King of Classy

Region: UK

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PSN: audioBusting

Region: Australia

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ID: mrtruthless

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Steam: allansianadventurer

PSN: eccentrix

Region: UK

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PSN: Tajasurus (I misspelt my username and can't fix it)

Region: Australia

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Steam: huntercell

Region: Midwest

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Steam: Misery93

Region : Australia

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PSN: FLStyle

Region: UK

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Region: US East

Vita and PS3

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Steam: Phished

Region: East US

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PSN: Dethfish-X

Region: US West Coast

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Don't think I can do the tourney, but I'm down for other times!

System: PS3

PSN/Username: brinstargonaut

Region: US East Coast.

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I got both versions. Add either!

PSN: TheMastaDS (They don't like the word Master on PSN sadly)

Steam: TheMasterDS

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I don't mind playing against others

PSN: Jnal

Region: US East Coast

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I could use a bit of time off from ranked. It gets pretty frustrating after a while


Region: US East

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Feel free to add me! Happy to play against duders

Steam: jaws99113

Region: UK

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Steam: Itwongo

From the Northwest of the continental US.

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Steam/PSN: Zornack

Region: Pacific northwest

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PS3: The_Travis

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Steam: BGFH