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Posted by Mirado (1124 posts) 2 years, 1 month ago

Poll: How has your opinion of Divekick changed? (379 votes)

I thought it was a joke/didn't know about it, but now I'm considering or going to buy it. 25%
I thought it was a joke/didn't know about it, and nothing has changed that. No sell. 19%
I wanted it from the start, and still do! 24%
I now want to buy it AND a controller, assuming they or someone else releases one. 9%
I was going to buy it, but now I'm going to wait and see. 2%
I was going to buy it, but now I'm totally against it. (Please explain, as I can't understand this one.) 2%
I'm trapped in the Lang Zone, send help! (joke option/show me the results). 20%

When I first heard of Divekick (before the Kickstarter, a friend explained that someone had made a prototype parody fighting game that people at EVO seemed to enjoy), I thought it was an amusing commentary on fighting games, but not much more. Now, after seeing all the work that Keits and Lang and the rest of the people at Iron Galaxy have put into it, I've gone from calling it a joke to seriously wanting both the game and a custom control to go with it.

It seems like such a fun party game, and yet it looks deep enough that if I wanted to actually get into it, I wouldn't be bored for a while. As a person that only plays a bit of SF4 and no other fighting games, it might be a good gateway to other, more complicated ones.

How has your opinion changed (if at all) about the game?

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#2 Posted by Jay_Ray (1210 posts) -

Similar to Jeff, I think Divekick is the first fighting game that I can really get into.

#3 Posted by FLStyle (5561 posts) -

Brilliant idea for a poll, good options too.

I'm definitely on-board for Divekick, looking forward to seeing this crazy story mode they've got planned.

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I thought it was a joke, think it still is a joke, and will forever think it is a joke, but jesus christ I was sold on the stupid thing from the first time I heard of it

#5 Posted by Mirado (1124 posts) -

@flstyle: Thanks! I figured if my opinion had changed so radically, most people on GB must of had enough exposure to either form an opinion of their own, or to change a pre-existing one like mine.

The story mode is going to be nuts; I really like the humor they are using, and I can imagine that translating well into a crazy plot of some kind.

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I was on board since I first heard about it and I'm glad people are starting to realize this game isn't just a dumb joke.

#7 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12729 posts) -

Divekick is the kind of stupid joke taken too far that I can get behind, and I was behind it even before it apparently became a very deep and intricate esport.

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#9 Posted by StarvingGamer (9087 posts) -

I've been on board since the beginning:

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It looks incredible. Always has.

#11 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

On board from the moment I saw it.

#12 Posted by 6n00bkilla9 (168 posts) -

i have always wanted this i just hate that i have to wait. i am stuck in the lang zone.

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I've been interested from the get-go. It's so dumb and amazing. I watched the streams Iron Galaxy has done in the last 2 or 3 weeks where they revealed some new characters, and there seems to be some good diversity, even considering the limited move set. I would probably get a controller too, if it's not too expensive.

#14 Posted by bonbolapti (1704 posts) -

It reminds me of a simpler time when games were crazy enough to work.

I'm really happy that something like this exists.

#15 Posted by Duecenage (256 posts) -

I thought it was a joke, still half kind of do, but that what I love about it. The best ideas are born out of shits and giggles!

#16 Posted by Zeik (3276 posts) -

I'm interested, but this seems like a game that would be the most fun with a group of friends, and it's not easy to get a group of friends together to play a game like this.

#17 Posted by TheHT (12356 posts) -

I wanted it from the start, but ow I might play it for longer than I thought I would.

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Am I missing it, or are you missing the "I knew about it from the start but had no interest in buying it" option?

#19 Posted by rebgav (1442 posts) -

I was aware of the original trailer from (I think) before last year's Evo and knew that it had gained some unexpected "legitimacy" so it's kind of neat that it's become a real boy. I probably won't buy it because I can't see myself playing it much but it seems okay.

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Am I missing it, or are you missing the "I knew about it from the start but had no interest in buying it" option?

I didn't see it either. That's what I would pick as well.

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no option for , im going to buy it but i still think its a complete joke and would pirate it in a heartbeat if it just meant stealing money from dave lang .. but i dont wanna do that to keits.

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@ajamafalous: @slag: That's option two. I sort of combined the ideas of "you knew and thought it was a joke and still do, so no sell" and "you didn't know, but now that you do it's no sell" in order to keep it from being a page of options, since the end result is the same. I was more interest in a sell/no sell break down than anything, otherwise it'd look like:

  • You didn't know but now you wouldn't buy.
  • You knew but don't think it's a joke but you aren't interested anyway so no sell.
  • You knew and think its a joke but....

...and so on. It's not exhaustive, so just pick the best fit for you. :D

#23 Posted by casper_ (915 posts) -

i've heard ultradavid talk about how deep it is for like a year but so far most of its appeal (from my perspective) is that its like an FGC inside joke.

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Sounds like a fun party game, but since I play most of my games alone I don't see any reason to pick it up.

Edit: Also why does everyone put a joke option in the poll. It completely skews the results.

#25 Posted by takayamasama (537 posts) -

@fearbeard: The joke option serves for people who have no opinion and just want to see results. It actually prevents skewed results, since if it wasn't there people would just choose an answer at random to see the results.

#26 Posted by Mirado (1124 posts) -

@fearbeard: It doesn't though, as they give you a percentage for each option. If 100 people vote, even if 90 pick the joke option, you still know how many voted for the real ones.

I throw it in so if you honestly have no opinion, rather than actually skewing the results by choosing a real option, you can just pick that if you want to see what other people have voted. I'd rather dump those votes into a joke option than have them vote "Never!" and make it seem like a significant portion of voters are anti-Divekick.

#27 Posted by Slag (5542 posts) -

@mirado: well 2 is what I did pick.

no grudge against the game, just I dunno seems boring to me.

#28 Posted by Dalai (7775 posts) -

It looked stupid enough for me to greenlight on Steam. Playing it at PAX East sealed the deal.

#29 Posted by mrfluke (5661 posts) -

It looked like a joke when it was a kickstarter game, but after seeing it on here and especially hearing that there is a story mode with cutscenes for the game, im totally down

#30 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

I've been saying "take my money" since UFGT 8, gave money towards the canceled kickstarter, already put in my vote on greenlight, and spent 6 hours of my three days at PAX at the Divekick booth.

I want this game inside of me.

#31 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

I look forward to getting me and all my friends drunk and playing this game.

#32 Posted by StaticFalconar (4920 posts) -

its still a joke to me, but one that i would pay like, very little money to get.

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I loved it from the first time I heard it, then realized it was even more amazing when I played it at Pax East.

Dive Kick is the one true video game. It is the video game we need. It shall unite us all.

#34 Posted by Commisar123 (1853 posts) -

I always thought it was a great joke and a boring looking game, I haven't played it yet though so I hold judgement till it comes out.

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I was going to buy it, but then I found out Dave Lang is working on the game and I fucking hate that guy so FUCK THIS GAME!!!

#36 Posted by JackSukeru (6105 posts) -

I've been on board from pretty much the start, enough that I would buy extra copies for my friends if I needed to, just not enough that I would invest in those controllers. Not that they wouldn't be cool to have, but their limited use and, I can only assume, prohibitive price makes it a no sell.

Still, hella stoked about the game.

#37 Posted by Ares42 (3014 posts) -

Thought it was a joke, realize it's not, still think it's not gonna be much more than a novelty.

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This is going to sound kind of nitpicky, but I think hearing "Divekick" every couple of minutes would drive me nuts after a while. I like the goofy concept and characters, but I think it'd be one of those games I played for an hour and then never touch again, unfortunately. I need something just a bit more than jumping and kicking from my games to keep my attention span for longer than a few minutes. And yes, I get that it's basically a timing/psychology game with a lot more depth than I'm giving it credit for, but it still just doesn't seem like the sort of game for me.

#39 Posted by TheLegendOfMart (276 posts) -

Looks crap and I'm sick of seeing Dave Lang in GB videos.

#40 Posted by TournamentOfHate (718 posts) -

It's been all Divekick for me since PAX, watching the tournament streams, the character reveal streams. I've never been into a fighting game like this, or any other game before it's come out. Plans for an arcade room reserved solely for Divekick are already in motion at my place.

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None of the above. I thought it was a joke, but now that I've heard about it from fighting game people, it sounds like a great concept. But I still have no interest in fighting games in any form.

#42 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6272 posts) -

I played it at EVO but it was barely due to how many people were there trying to play it. I need to try more of it.

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@tournamentofhate: Holy shit, that's the best idea. I need to make a Divekick arcade cabinet. Maybe a cocktail cabinet? (EDIT: Wait, how would that work? Never mind, I'll figure it out.) I think a normal one would give you that classic feel, but cocktail cabinet just seems so great for cash games...I need to start clearing space.

Delusions aside, I feel the same way about the game. I've only really dabbled in SF4 (and SF2 but I was like 8 when that came out) and never could really get into a fighting game...or even could bring myself to care about one. But for some reason, this thing has me hooked. I really feel like I can "seriously" play this game, whatever that means in the context of a two button mind-game fighter.

#44 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6272 posts) -

@mirado said:

@tournamentofhate: Holy shit, that's the best idea. I need to make a Divekick arcade cabinet. Maybe a cocktail cabinet? (EDIT: Wait, how would that work? Never mind, I'll figure it out.) I think a normal one would give you that classic feel, but cocktail cabinet just seems so great for cash games...I need to start clearing space.

I recommend using Japanese sitdown style custom cabs for fighters honestly. If you are curious, there is a guy named Kray that sells some legit DIY cabs inspired by Taito's Vewlix. Since it only supplies the core cabinet parts, TV hooking up and other tech related tasks are simplified.

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At first I thought it looked silly, not enough variety but after seeing them release a bunch of different characters, it's actually starting to look interesting.
Also, I am trapped in the Lang Zone permanently.

#46 Posted by Mirado (1124 posts) -

@thephantomnaut: You are the best. I mean, my wallet hates you, but you are the best!

I'm in the process of moving, but if I can find enough room in my new place, I just might fucking do it. Thanks for the heads up.

#47 Posted by ShaggE (7161 posts) -

At first my impression was "Hey, that's a cool and funny idea."

Now, after careful consideration and research, I'm kind of leaning towards "Hey, that's a cool and funny idea."

By the time it releases, I'm sure my feelings will have landed squarely in the "Hey, that's a cool and funny idea." side.

#48 Posted by Freezer_Burn (213 posts) -

When I first heard of it I thought it was stupid/awesome/hilarious, but had no real interest in buying it. But now the more I've seen of it, I'm totally going to buy it.

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@mirado said:

@thephantomnaut: You are the best. I mean, my wallet hates you, but you are the best!

I'm in the process of moving, but if I can find enough room in my new place, I just might fucking do it. Thanks for the heads up.

No prob dude. In case you need the parts or even controllers to work from the cabinet's control panel in the process, check this site and this custom controller board.

I was trying to find more affordable yet really good looking DIY cabs but I can only find stuff on Kray from Shoryuken forums. Working on existing cabinets made for arcade games might be considered a nightmare especially if you want to use a console to begin with as it requires unusual wiring and independent technology. Newer commercial cabinets from companies like Taito and Sega are somewhat simplified due to same video inputs and easier modding but the problem is that they cost TOO DAMN HIGH for one because you have to consider shipping, customs, etc.

#50 Posted by MEATBALL (3958 posts) -

I knew about it but hadn't paid any attention to it at all, but with the game's appearance at PAX I've been very impressed with coverage of it.