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Poll: What would you (actually) pay for one Divekick controller? (264 votes)

50-100 bucks 56%
100-150 bucks 8%
150-200 bucks 2%
I will pay all the money 8%
I wouldn't buy one 28%

How much would you actually pay for one? Divekick seems like an awesome party game, but I don't think I'd pay more than 200 bucks for a set of two controllers.

#1 Posted by KelpPlankton (46 posts) -

$50 as the baseline is too high. $20-40.

#2 Edited by mccarron (72 posts) -

Planning on making my own more than likely out of one of my old arcade sticks, otherwise $100-150 is very fair but I'm sure < $100 is more realistic.

#3 Posted by mwng (970 posts) -

I'll probably ebay a DDR mat for it.

#4 Posted by isomeri (1539 posts) -

$50 as the baseline is too high. $20-40.

I'd rather pay less, but for a limited run piece of kit like this I think that 50 € is rather optimistic.

#5 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (955 posts) -

Just one? I'd fucking buy two.

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (8696 posts) -

They should do a Kickstarter for the controllers lol

Actually that might be a good idea

#7 Posted by warpr (91 posts) -

Those buttons look like pop'n music buttons, but only two on a controller instead of nine. Considering an arcade sized pop'n music controller starts at around 200 USD, a Divekick controller should be possible for $50 or so, certainly less than $100. Perhaps they should kickstarter the controllers.

#8 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2489 posts) -

I'd buy two at $30 a pop. Any more and I'd have to really think about it.

#9 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19417 posts) -

I wouldn't actually buy one. Plus, it's apparently better to play with a controller with more buttons in local play as pressing buttons that are not actually used is a way of confusing an opponent and tricking them.

#10 Edited by BisonHero (7651 posts) -

@kelpplankton said:

$50 as the baseline is too high. $20-40.

I'm pretty sure the baseline costs of manufacturing, shipping, and retail all add enough middlemen that $50 is probably the lowest amount of money you could hope for. Maybe $40 if they really chintz out on the materials.

#11 Posted by ultraman324 (21 posts) -

I like the idea that was mentioned in the PAX video: 2 controllers and a download code for the game as bundle. I would pay like $100 for .

#12 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11570 posts) -

I was going to vote $20.

I don't think $20 is a realistic price. I bet it costs more than that to make something like that.

#13 Posted by Pudge (989 posts) -

If it comes with the game (hopefully on Steam, come on Valve peeps, get on it!) I'd pay $100 for two of them. If they do a Kickstarter for them maybe they could do them for less? Since they'd know exactly how many they'd be making? I'm not sure if that's feasible, but it sounds right.

#14 Posted by ionkinetic (126 posts) -

They could make an Etsy DIY Kit with come assembly. I just dont like the trying to find the right parts, but I can put it together.

#15 Edited by BBAlpert (1658 posts) -

I am seriously contemplating getting one of those stupid anime boob mousepads and turning it into a DiveKick controller.

My biggest obstacle is the shame of having an anime boob mousepad on my Amazon purchase history, and the implications it will have for my "Maybe you'd also like to purchase..." suggestions.

*Edit: As for the actual costs, @warpr, I've been looking into that stuff and those 100mm dome buttons are generally around $8 each. So with 2 of those buttons, the materials for the box, the input controller, the overhead for actually building the things, and some amount of markup so that they can make at least a little profit on each unit, my uneducated guess is that somewhere between $40-60 would be about right.

#16 Posted by Zidd (1862 posts) -

$40 for a 2 pack.

#17 Posted by Kaiserreich (774 posts) -


#18 Posted by iAmJohn (6150 posts) -

I'd pay $100 each, because I am crazy.

#19 Posted by Slax (990 posts) -

I'd pay upwards of a hundred dollars for two controllers.

#20 Posted by poisonmonkey (394 posts) -

They would have to pay me to have one.