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Posted by FLStyle (5696 posts) 1 year, 11 months ago

Poll: Who's going to be your main character? (237 votes)

Dive 7%
Dr. Shoals 11%
Jefailey 3%
Kenny 3%
Kick 19%
Kung Pao 3%
MarkMan 4%
Mr. N 8%
Redacted 6%
S-Kill 8%
Stream 2%
The Baz 3%
Uncle Sensei 3%
Show me the answers 20%

Now that we're only a month away from having Divekick on our consoles, who's play-style are you leaning towards? Have you played Divekick at a convention and liked one character in particular?

I like the look of high jumping traditional divekickers like Mr. N and Redacted. Out of those two I'm going to go for Mr. N. I do want to try and get good with Jefailey though, he looks hilarious to play as.

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Mr. N is my fave right now, he seems to be the best for baiting out your opponent then punishing.

#52 Posted by Shikon (191 posts) -

i'm going to show Kerahime whats up and play The Baz all the time.

#53 Posted by RyokuSonic (13 posts) -

I apologize, I never really got how to read one of these charts. How do you read these?

Kerahime posted up what he believes the current match-up chart to be. Even though he has only had a limited time with a game, he made an incredibly strong showing at Evo by making it to the Grand Finals in the winner's bracket, completely dismantling Adelheid Stark's otherwise dominant S-Kill with near triple-fraud in the top 8.

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I play Jefailey, aka the 2nd worst character in the game according to that chart. I'm ok with that, I feel comfortable with him and since I watched UFGT9 and saw King of Bums beating people with Jefailey I knew that's who I wanted to play.

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@ryokusonic: The left-most column is the character you are playing as, and the top row is your opponent.

For example, the first character on the left side is Dive. If you then start reading across his row, you'll see that under Kick is the number 4. This means that when you are playing Dive against another Kick, assuming you both are of equivalent skill level, you have a 4/10 chance of winning. Likewise, if you go down to Kick's row and look across to the column under Dive, you'll see that Kick has a 6/10 chance of beating Dive.

Finally, the column at the end is an overall score for the character. Given a total of 11 non-mirror matchups and even odds being a 5/10 chance of winning, any character with a score over 55 is going to be generally favored whereas any character with a score under 55 is going to be generally unfavored. Of course the higher the score, the better.

#56 Posted by OurSin_360 (1222 posts) -


Because his moves make the most sense to me, and he's west Philadelphia born and raised, and the playground spending most of his days. And i can respect that

#57 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19824 posts) -

I don't know how I ended up maining the character who is presumably the worst in the game (S-Kill).

#58 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Mainly Redacted, with Shoals and Kick as my backups.

#59 Posted by Petiew (1384 posts) -

I've mostly been playing Mr N. The matchup chart seems pretty accurate, all of my losses have been against Shoals players.

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Kick. Dat Purp

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Kick with a pocket Baz for when I feel like fucking around or I'm facing another Baz, because I haven't figured out the Kick-Baz matchup and am doing surprisingly ok with a Baz mirror.

#62 Posted by DystopiaX (5384 posts) -

@petiew said:

I've mostly been playing Mr N. The matchup chart seems pretty accurate, all of my losses have been against Shoals players.

I don't play much N but I find the key against Shoals in any matchup is to try to stay under her as much as possible, as her kicks tend to require a lot of space to work well.

#63 Posted by RyokuSonic (13 posts) -

@starvinggamer: Alright I see now, I was first confused on how 2 of the same character match-ups would have different numbers but they were ratios. Thanks

#64 Posted by jayjonesjunior (1106 posts) -

@thdemn: Jeffaley is really good until you fight someone with the yolo gem