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The game is still in beta and on sale on steam right now, if you buy it, you get two copies for the price of one. I have one extra copy to give away, just post here and PM me your mail adress.

If anyone else wants to give their copy away, feel free to post in this topic.

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Yes please?

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benpicko beat me to the punch! If someone else wants to get rid of their extra copy, feel free to PM me :D

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@benpicko: PM me your mail and I'll send it right away.

EDIT: done, have fun

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Damn. So sad i missed this. I'd buy it, but i am running really tight until after XMAS.

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I have one also, if anybody wants it. I'm not on my computer right now, but I'll send it sometime tonight.

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@Strife777: would love a copy

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I would like to get a copy please!

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I too would like to get a copy. This game looks great! I will pay it back in kind of course, when I get an extra copy of something.

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@Taka Sold. You'll get it later today.
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I'd love a copy too.

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@Quipido said:

@benpicko: PM me your mail and I'll send it right away.

EDIT: done, have fun

Thanks a lot!

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I doubt that there will be another kind soul, but I'll like a copy!

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Yes. Whatever people are having, I want it too.

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@Winternet said:

Yes. Whatever people are having, I want it too.

I got chlamydia... you want it or...?

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Aww bummer! Thought this game looked neat 

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@SexyToad: If no one has sent you a copy, PM your Steam user-name to me and I'll show you how wrong you are!

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@Winternet said:

Yes. Whatever people are having, I want it too.

I got chlamydia... you want it or...?

PM me.

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If anyone has an extra copy left..

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I would appreciate someone's extra copy should someone be so kind. Otherwise I may just buy it myself at some point, as the quick look made it seem quite neat.

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I too would be very thankful if someone had another extra copy to give to me.

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love games that you explore and build stuff in to survive so i'd extra love it if someone was kind enough to give me an extra copy.

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I have a copy.. I don't know who all needs one, so whoever pms me first gets it!

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@wafflez: PM sent. Hopefully got there in time.

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I have an extra key as well....but this time i demand a Haiku. First to pm me an original one gets the game.

edit* and its gone, thanks for playing the haiku game, until nextime......goodbye

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Hunger -

A feeling of desire

deciding your way.


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I'll take one if someone had an extra one :)

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The quick look made me interested. Would love a copy is anyone has a spare?

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I, too, have a free Steam copy to gift. First person to message me with their e-mail address gets the code. Enjoy!

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I have been dying to play this game and if anyone would send me a code Id be extremely grateful and would remember the favor. You can just pm me the code or if you want my steam name is Sackmanjones with a picture of sack boy.

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I would also like video gaem plase

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if anyone has an extra copy, will trade for trine 2