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I finally died playing Don't Starve (losing my Wilson and his mighty beard on day 6) and when I restarted I hovered my mouse over the the fellow in the suit that sort of welcomes you back. It said his name was Maxwell. Tired to RMB on him to examine but he disappeared to quickly. Anyone know who this guy is?

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Maxwell is a magician/demon who supposedly trapped you in this world/wilderness. He is seen at the start of the game and then disappears right as he finishes talking or when you start to click around. for now as far as I and i assume everyone else knows Maxwell is not seen anywhere in the game beyond his first appearance.

don't got the game. but i checked the wiki!

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Considering that all the characters that are "locked" are in coffins, Maxwell is probably Satan.

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Everyone pretty much nailed it, he's supposedly a demon who teleports the player to the world. I should probably add him to the wiki....