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So I'm terrible at the game, but because of a ton of practice mode and bot matches I've become much better at the physical mechanics of playing from the Radiant corner than the Dire. Playing as Radiant also seems to give a slight advantage because we can see further downfield.

This being a 3D game, we could easily play Dire on a rotated map, nullifying any perspective-based advantages. Are there any downsides to that option? Or is that slight Radiant advantage balanced out by something else?

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Uuuuh, while I see where you are coming from, it kind of isn't really a big deal? I dunno it's not something that has really bothered me. I guess you could just make it a habit to keep the camera set lower than normal when playing Dire.

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It felt the same for me in the beginning, mostly when trying to block the creep wave from the Dire. But after a couple of hours on each side I forgot all about it. I mainly look at the minimap anyway :)

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I also feel this way, but I guess it depends on how much of the community actually cares, since if only 1/100 Dota 2 players find it annoying it's a waste of time changing it.

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It would kinda break the game. The whole point of not having each side completely the same is that it adds deeper diversity based on the side you are on. Right now if you are on the Radiant or Dire, it effects your draft / laning...etc. Even changing something like the perspective is a slippery slope where it begins to get away from being the same every game for everyone.

I would say just keep playing or play some bot games on the dire side and you wont notice it anymore. It seems like most newer players prefer Dire side anyways because they manage to click the minimap down in the bottom left when they are on the radiant side, which leads to a lot of useless deaths when they could have escaped.

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Isn't Roshan on the Dire side of the map? I guess this is supposed to be one of the tradeoffs?

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There are specific reasons in the asymmetry where it is mainly used to give advantage/disadvantage which spurs fights. And because of this asymmetry at professional levels you are expected to always play at least twice alternating sides.

Fundamentally, this is the "secret sauce" to Dota 2: Many things are not "fair". It is what you do in those situations where one has an advantage or a disadvantage is what really counts.

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The perspective is different, but I'm not sure how that changes the mechanics. Also you don't get more vision or anything by being on radiant.

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As a matter of mechanics, the perspective has a profound effect on "skill shots". In general it is easier to land hooks/jumps/shots/target to direction or area in the upper-left/bottom right directions than from upper-right/bottom left directions. Just one of those quirks you learn.

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I can see where you are coming from but after you get some decent experience you'll realize there is no advantage to either side. At least in terms of camera perspective. Your ability to maneuver the camera appropriately is part of the skill ceiling.

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@autumn_thunder: Yeah that's something. A level 1 rosh strat is almost impossible on radiant beyond garbage tier. But radiant jungle is a little safer. Also what EXTomar said, Dota is all about how you deal with certain situations.

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The map is not symmetrical; there are distinct advantages and tradeoffs to being on both Radiant and Dire.

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I thought I was going to have this problem when I started playing because I can't play from the right in fighting games as well as the left but once you get into games, you will not notice it.