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Dark Seer kicks butt and punches faces!

Mine's Dark Seer. Love how much utility he has. Other than nuking, the little fellow can do everything pretty damn well. From laning to jungling to support to control to escape - all the while being tough with good defensive stats.

What's yours?

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Even though I haven't played every hero, or even half of them enough to know, mine is Troll Warlord.

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I'm REALLY new to the game - still getting my ass kicked by the computer- but I like how Sniper, Death Prophet, and Lifestealer play. I've been having fun with Lion as well.

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I don't know who my favorite one is, I usually like damage dealing heroes with great escape capabilities though.

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Thresh and Yo Rick.


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enchantress and death prophet

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Mirana! Landing that arrow on an unsuspecting/escaping hero is good fun.

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Hard to pick favorites as I have many heroes I like, but the ones that comes to mind are Alchemist (love the stun ability and his relentless smashing) and PA (all her abilities are great, her attack animation is great and I almost always do really well with her). Tiny is also really fun, and after a bad first impression I've really turned around when it comes to Jakiro.

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@ajamafalous said:



But when I get the chance to play Chen, Visage, Sylla, or Furion it's a good day.

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Mirana and Luna are the only acceptable answers to this question.

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Rubick, hes the shao khan of DOTA, so much hilarity ensues when you steal spells and use them against opponents, see spirit breaking Rubick or bat riding Rubick for maximum effect.

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Naga Siren is my favourite, Vengeful Spirit is who I use most

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Lina. Because fire.

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Whisp, or maybe Windrunner.

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Wouldn't say I have a main, I play pretty much everything, but I do find myself on Furion alot. Love picking off couriers, ganking, split pushing, and being pretty much anywhere whenever I want.

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Queen of Pain is my only/main DOTA 2 hero.

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I Like Lone Druid a lot. I feel I am getting pretty good with him but I want to learn a strength class and a mage class now so I have more range playstyles

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Mirana and Luna are the only acceptable answers to this question.


Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

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Lich is up there since I always do well with him, but probably Slark. You have to play so aggressively to make the most of him and his snowballing can get a little bit crazy if you can continue to catch people out.

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The one that looks like it was ripped straight out of Warcraft III

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I don't have a "main", but I definitely have a favorite.

Rhasta power.

Distant second...

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I ain't playing no more but Dragon Knight might be my favorite.

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I haven't decided. I still play random.

Had a lot of fun with Elder Titan though.

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I've been a big fan of Spirit Breaker.

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My favorite is Random Button, he only very rarely fails me. That's what I do 90% of the time.

Though I usually get really happy when random brings me a Tinker, Invoker, Phantom Assassin or Queen of Pain. I guess that would be my top tier of fun. I get savage enjoyment out of Lifestealer and Skeleton King as well, cuz lol so much damage and never dies.

Kunkka, Sven and Lycan are up there because they are manly as hell and fun to play. But I suck, so they get bumped down. :D

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Everyone should have their favorite/best Support and Carry because Single Draft and Random Draft will bite you in the rear otherwise.

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@canteu said:

Thresh and Yo Rick.


Yeah, I mean Yorick kinda sucks. That was the joke right?

But anyway, I'm fairly new so I don't know most of them. So far I like Shadow Shaman a lot. I like Kunkka because his ultimate is hilarious. Pretty much anyone that lets me push a lot of buttons. Skeleton King? No thank you.

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Any 3, 4, or 5 position mostly.

Current favorites are Clockwerk, Wisp, Treant Protector, Rubick, Earthshaker, Jakiro, or Shadow Demon.

Templar Assassin or Outworld Devourer if my team needs me to solo mid.

Or Phantom Lancer when I feel like hearing people complain like children about how my hero is OP, after letting me free farm the whole game uncontested.

Usually this comes from a team consisting of heroes such as Spirit Breaker, Sniper, Weaver, or some other hero people like to say is broken/OP/good/bad/a potato. Always a classic.

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I was on a serious Windrunner kick for a while, and I still love her. Recently though I've been trying to learn Lina, and while landing that stun is proving a challenge, I still really like her as a character.

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Fronm the 5 hours I've played I've enjoyed Anti-Mage, Windrunner and Drow.

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Phantom Assassin. Blink, CRIT, attack, attack, dagger, CRIT, CRIT and dead. So satisfying.

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Lina and Pudge

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I haven't played many heroes more than once because I want to try out as many different ones as I can. So I don't know if I could pick a favorite yet. A couple that I've tried and really like and want to play more of are Spirit Breaker and Undying.

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Puck is my favorite hero, because she is a pretty lady.

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I love Omniknight, but I also play a mean Dazzle. I guess I just prefer supporting (Necrolich is fun even though I swear his ult exists to steal kills...as a carry...wat).

I recently found I'm actually pretty good with Slark, and Miranda - who I've been avoiding since the DOTA 1 days because I suck with arrow - I actually can land stuns now with. Go figure.

But yeah. Omniknight is the Omnibest.

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Played Sand King for the first time yesterday. Oh Sandking, where have you been all my life?

Love banging my dick on the ground threateningly, and then thrusting in for massive tremors of monster kill pleasure.

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Luna all day, urry day.

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I haven't played all of the heroes, but the hero that I seem to do best with is Night Stalker. It's super satisfying to have a game where you get two or three good ganks during the first night, and I can instill a bit of fear in the opposing team during the following evenings.

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Carry Maiden and Windrunner

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@seppli said:

Love banging my dick on the ground threateningly, and then thrusting in for massive tremors of monster kill pleasure.

Fucking win right here dude.

You win the rest of the internets.

Everyone else, just go home please.

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I've played about 70 hours and not a huge amount of heroes but my favourite so far is probably Silencer (I like to piss people off;)). Going to play some more Riki, as I really enjoyed my first game with him, going 22-1-6

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Love playing Crystal Maiden, but Ogre Magi is clearly the king of all characters!

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What this thread needs is more funny fan art of their favorite hero.

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I for some reason enjoy sniper.

By the time he's late game he's a gatling gun of stun-fury.

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Space Cow (spirit breaker), Dark Seer, Slardar, Ursa, and Axe(AXE!) are all cool, but really it's all about Ogre Motherfucking Magi

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My favorites have got to be either Slark or Enchantress. Though normally when picking a hero I go with whatever my team needs which normally always seems like support.

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Gyrocopter has definitely been my go to hero, but I see opponents playing viper and think it's just ridiculous. I can't possibly see a way to beat viper!