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Just curious if anyone has played the iOS port of this. I have never played this game and I have a PS2 but checking on Amazon it's around $40-$50. On iOS it's $19.99 but I'm always skeptical on these ports of JRPG's on iOS.

The only DQ game I've played is Dragon Warrior on the NES so I dont have much expierence with the series. I did see that DQ IV was released today. It looks dated but if that's a good game I'm open to trying it!

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Ive yet to play it sadly, I was really excited for it, but I was hearing its a really good port of the PS2 original except one crucial factor. The only way to play the game is in portrait mode which maybe fits for a Japanese salary man but I cant play it on my iPad on the couch.

If they patch a proper landscape control mode then I will buy it.

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@pazy: oh wow really? That's kind of terrible, thanks for that bit of info I was not aware of that. I have a iPad mini so that would be very strange.

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I heard that there is no voice work in the game and the orchestral score was removed, too for size concerns. I assume it's all midi now. A nice try, but it falls short for me. Hopefully, SqaureEnix will try again with more options for iPad users.

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Kinda late here but I played both the ps2 and Android versions (same as iOS). Didn't finished the android version yet but as nice as it would be for it to feature a landscape view it's not bad at all. It works well, specially for smaller screens obviously. We can still play it on a tablet alright. Unlike some people say you actually get to see more of the world. You see everything you would on the ps2 version plus more vertically. There's no orchestral soundtrack nor voice acting but those were western released features. They made this thinking about the Japanese market and I'm a bit surprised they released it in English at all. The frame rate is not exactly smooth at all times and there're UI decisions you may dislike but all in all it's pretty good. It's not a crappy port at all. Overpriced though.

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@penguindust: Those things weren't removed. This version of the game is a port of the original Japanese version of the game which did not have voice work or the orchestral soundtrack.

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I actually think the one handed play is kind of interesting, it turns something hardcore into a more comfortable, casual experience just through screen orientation. I can see why iPad users would dislike it, though.

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It's sort of crazy stuff like this still hasn't been released on PSN.