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It's something I can't really put my finger on. Is it because every time he manages to come up with a new skill or event in his life that blows us away (learning to fly a fighter jet, going to North Korea)? Or is he just a plain 'ol affable guy?

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I feel like this could get super creepy real quick.

Because the obvious answer is his intoxicating aroma and Samsonian locks.

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I think he's awesome because he has a likable personality, and he adds quality input to whatever content he's in. Plus, he seems to know how to get a lot out of life with all the skills and stuff he gets into. That's a trait I can admire.

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He is young, relatable, and has a can-do, adventurer's spirit. Very strong stress on the young.

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His beautiful eyes.

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I just think that Drew is actually a spy and Giant Bomb is just the cover for his activities around the world. The trip to North Korea was actually a mission to destroy the nuclear program of North Korea.

Seriously speaking I just think that people like Drew because the guy dedicates himself to learning simulation based games like few other people do. Making your own manuals is something that not many people have the patience for.

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Horse pheromones.

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The blonde hair? The eyes? The manly stances? There's all kinds of reasons.

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I dont love Drew

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@alekss said:

I dont love Drew

Get out, apostate!

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The same reason everyone loves Vinny, I imagine - Drew's so pleasant and easygoing that he's managed not to express a single opinion that's abrasive to anyone. It helps that his appearances are so scarce.

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@alekss said:

I dont love Drew

Stage one - denial.

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I think creating such a realistic android is a great accomplishment for science, that's why I'm a fan. I just hope his brother Lore doesn't show up.

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He looks like what most of us probably want to look like and he does some cool and interesting things with a personality that isn't overt, but is nonetheless interesting. And he does it all so effortlessly. I mean, he's the only guy who makes that one camera angle at the PC during Unprofessional Fridays look like it was a good idea.

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Dat posture

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The same reason everyone loves Vinny, I imagine - Drew's so pleasant and easygoing that he's managed not to express a single opinion that's abrasive to anyone. It helps that his appearances are so scarce.

I'm not sure that's quite true in Vinny's case. He has said plenty to rub people the wrong way. He just accompanies those comments with a level of frivolity that makes you forgive most any misgiving.

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His boyish good looks.

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Dude sets his mind on something and does it. Seems hard working, isn't abrasive or dismissive of others.

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He's a pretty wholesomely fun guy

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He's a man's man.

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Drew is the last true gentleman.

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Drew is the last true gentleman.

In a world that has moved on.

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Hot, smart and he does everything he wants at the best of his ability. We are all just extremely jealous to the point of loooooooove.

Also gotta love when someone can show up fairly rarely and say kind of not a lot. But still leave one of the biggest impressions. It's kind of a magical skill.

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He's really talented but he's never a dick about it, or falsely humble, he just owns it. And he's really kind and polite, and now I realise I have a man crush on Drew. :/

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He's the only bang on my Giantbomb Marry, Bang, Kill list.

Marry: Vinny, Brad, Patrick, Rorie

Bang: Drew

Kill: Jeff, Ryan, probably Alex

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@alekss said:

I dont love Drew

I don't love Drew either.

I don't hate him. I don't dislike him. Drew is alright. He's just not more interesting than anybody else on the site when he does content. If anything, while I bet his focus on really slow paced games and flight simulators is extremely entertaining to him, I find those videos to often be... unremarkable, except for everybody else freaking out around him about random stuff.

I always assumed that people loved Drew around here due to a mix of hardcore gaming and PC master race stuff. That made sense to me, because Drew seems to legitimately enjoy stuff that a lot of other people say they enjoy, but secretly don't, which makes his stuff a more entertaining way to engage with those things. I guess I was wrong and it's all about his dashing good looks.

Also, Drew looks like this guy:

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Pheromones. DX:HR-style.