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I went to my local EBGames up here and sure enough they had a whole wall of them! Got mine, it works great on the PS3 (except the home button doesn't work) and is super comfortable. I love it!

I made some videos showing off my initial impressions...

Would you pick up a controller so early?

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I have picked up my own yesterday as well :P Excited to try it out!

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My local EB is not selling their controllers early. =(

I am jealous because the left stick on my 360 pad finally broke a couple of weeks ago and I need a replacement.

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It works on ps3? Wow that's kinda cool. I definitely lean towards the sony controller over the Xbox soffit really does translate well to pc I will most definitely use it there

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How about those really awesome-looking red and blue controllers?

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@sniperxan: Have you been able to mess with the settings in Steam to remap the buttons? There should be an option in big picture mode i believe, which would be nice if that is all you need to do out of the box to get it to work, rather then all the BS you have to do with the Dualshock 3.

@sackmanjones: The PS3 will work with some generic USB controllers, which it looks like how the PS3 is recognizing the Dualshock 4 as. Would be really nice if it worked wirelessly and recognized the PS button.

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Wait, it works on PS3?

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Would you pick up a controller so early?

Absolutely, I'm more interested in the controller for PC use than I am the console.

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@liquidprince: Only for certain games but you can't access the psn overlay.