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Bought the complete set on Steam this past weekend and am enjoying the grind during my down time. Perfect catharsis after a hectic work day. Just have to wonder if it's worth it to go back to complete quests I missed.

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I really enjoyed Dungeon siege. Never finished it, but it was worth playing.

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I remember the demo of this being one that I played over and over again, but I don't believe I ever bought the game. I've thought about buying it recently, but the visuals haven't aged well, and that usually deters me. And I'm pretty sure I have better games of that genre should I feel that pull.

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Look forward to the second one, it's far better. At least it was back then :)

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Dungeon Siege was the only game I would play when I went to my local internet cafe. I was lucky that everytime I go there the computer I played it on was always empty so I can just load my save and resume progress. Never finished it, but I had a lot of fun playing that game. I bought Dungeon Siege II a few years later and it just didn't do it for me, not sure why.

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I tried playing this game again, but I found it to be difficult to continue on. The entire time I was playing the game I felt like I would rather be playing Torchlight II, Titan Quest, or Diablo III.

I really enjoy mindless loot games sometimes though. I have a TV and monitor hooked up to my PC as a dual screen setup, so I just have a movie or TV show on, then grind WOW casually for a bit.