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Yeah, so... does anyone else find it weird that Giantbomb didn't QL this game? Even though it's in beta (they've done Quick Looks of betas before). It's supposed to be a biggish deal for Sony and CCP, so the fact that not just Giantbomb but no big outlets (IGN, Gameinformer) seemed to have dove in and done some meaty video coverage of this game is kind of shocking to me.

I'd like to see a Quick Look of the Dust 514 beta. And then the final game, for comparison. It deserves it, right?

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I'd like to see it too.

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Yeah, sure, I'd be into that.

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I forgot this game existed!

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It would be especially interesting to get Dave's take on it since he's playing EVE Online now, so sure.

I just played a half hour of it and there's certainly a lot of EVE infused into it, which is to say it can be slightly confusing and a tad overwhelming. On top of that, the running and gunning feels loose for my taste.