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#1 Posted by Tom_Scherschel (137 posts) -

This comes from me driving around, listening to the Bombcast, and wondering what Microsoft could announce that would help them regain some sales momentum. This is all I could come up with that would be major enough to drive new console sales.

  • Microsoft will put a name to that in-development Halo game, show some gameplay, and announce it's coming out next year.
  • Microsoft will announce a new Xbox One sku, without Kinect in the box, for $399.99 available immediately.
  • CoD DLC timed exclusivity (has that already been announced?) Has actually already been announced. H/T @fluxwavez

Obviously they could announce a new game we've never heard of before, but I was trying to think of things that would have an immediate impact on console sales and "a great-looking new title is coming next year" didn't seem like enough to do that unless it was Halo.

I figured it would be fun to hear what everybody else thought, and not just about Microsoft but anything that will happen at E3 2014. Also, let me know what you think about an Xbox One price drop, with or without Kinect.

#2 Posted by TheHT (11998 posts) -

Regular Predictions:

  • New Deus Ex
  • Maybe new Hitman
  • New Volition project
  • New Mass Effect
  • New Netherealm project
  • Playstation Now launch date
  • New God of War
  • New David Jaffe project
  • New Quantic Dream game
  • Fallout 4
  • New Prince of Persia game
  • New XCOM game

Possible But Unlikely Predictions:

  • Just Cause 3
  • New Bully game
  • Left 4 Dead 3
  • Syndicate 2
  • Bulletstorm 2
  • Darksiders 3

"Crazy Shit That Probably Won't Happen But Goddamnit I Wouldn't Mind It If They Did" Predictions:

  • Alan Wake 2
  • Noir, C-Sec focused, Mass Effect
  • Max Payne 4
  • Metal Gear Rising 2: Revengeancer
  • New Diablo 3 expansion
  • Freedom Fighters 2
  • Deus Ex 1 HD
  • A new Spider-Man game that doesn't look terrible
  • Jedi Knight 4 (ideally with "g_saberrealisticcombat" not a protected variable)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

But the thing I'm most hopeful for is that new shit. You know, the stuff I can't just add a number to and plop down on a prediction list.

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I think this e3 will obviously be more about games. The systems are out, many of the launch titles have shipped with those that have not making up our summer and fall lineup, yet the second round of games is still a year away.

So, we will get one last look at the Fall games so those will get a big push, but the excitement will likely be around 2nd round games that will only be first announced maybe some art or preliminary video will be shown.

- Microsoft will KEEP Kinect packed in folks (Whoops! LOL). They will keep it packed in because in the next four years the camera with you system will be there about Twitch & Uplay uploading. MS will push some Kinect uses for One, but the reason that camera stays packed in is because MS sees that it will be used for Lets Play and armature production.

- Sony will just bust out games for their show, but I would expect them to show PS Now more fully, explain in common terms how it will work, maybe show some price structure. They will likely show off their replacement for HOME. Yes, HOME has made some decent money on PS3, and Sony might be hoping to refine it for a new generation. People might groan, but maybe their second attempt will be interesting.

- Nintendo will show off games, their fans will be impressed, and the games media will ponder if showing that was enough. The argument will be if they 'did' or 'didn't' do enough to keep their hat in the ring...or if 'mattering' matters.

- I think Ubisoft might have a great show, they have some good content of upcoming games to show off, they probably have early concepts for the next Assassins Creed. Thy could steal the show if "The Division" looks really good.

- Naughty Dog might have to PROVE they are still alive and kicking....but they have a tough choice to make. Do they show anything less than perfect, or do they say "We can't show you it because it is SO AWESOME it would be ruined to show it revealing the secrets. " Anything that looks like weakness might be bad, so it will be a tough call.

- Bungie might be in the same spot, people have 'cooled' on Destiny in the past two years, it is shit or get off the pot time. This e3 will be have to be a big push for the game to regain momentum. Sci-fi knights and wizards might be cool...but people need to be re-engergized.

In closing...games games games will be what I foresee at e3.

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Persona 5 first footage at Sony press conference, that is all I have got.

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@tom_scherschel: You already can get an Xbox with Kinect Forza 5 Titan fall and 12 months gold for around $450. Albeit one day only sales at obscure places like Frys Microcenter etc. Never the less to get the hard core big spender gamers (who incidentally also browse things like CAG) they'll have to do better than that. Even if they did make that $399 SKU, the day one editions would be clearance'd to the same or lesser prices

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  • Conference begins with a demo for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We're then reminded that maps for that game arrive first on Xbox platforms.
  • Halo Xbox One is officially named, now slated for release in 2015. Halo 2 Anniversary due later this year.
  • New, unannounced Xbox One game gets unveiled. (This has been confirmed)
  • Short montage of indie games coming to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program.
  • Games with Gold for Xbox One plans finally unveiled. Already announced.
  • New Quantum Break trailer
  • First look at Sunset Overdrive New trailer with a release date for SO.
  • Xbox One officially now $449.99. Lol, NOPE.
  • Show ends with a really brief teaser for Gears of War Xbox One


  • Begins with the typical Playstation is great montage
  • Lots of indies. Sony will once again remind everyone that Playstation cares about indie games. The Witness will launch first on PS4.
  • New Uncharted trailer with an actual name for the game. I don't think there will be a live demo.
  • New Assassin's Creed game once again has exclusive content on Playstaion. Live demo probable.
  • New trailer and demo for Destiny.
  • Playstation Now pricing and release details revealed. PS1 and PS2 emulation coming to PS4 later this year through a firmware update.
  • Trailer for Driveclub.
  • New trailer for The Order with a release date. Guessing October. Lol, NOPE.
  • Perhaps a new, unannounced first party title from Sony is unveiled. No idea as to what it could be. (That new Souls game?)
  • Marcus PSVita. (LOL, just kitten.)


  • Most if not all of the remaining Smash characters are revealed. (Falcon punch)
  • Yarn Yoshi gets a release window for October.
  • Smash Bros 3DS coming late August/ early September. Wii U version targeting mid November.
  • Bayonetta 2 FINALLY has a release date.
  • X coming in the US in 2015. (?)
  • Hyrule Legends release window and new name. Hyrule Warriors.
  • There's gotta be at least one new game unveiled here. Not even gonna guess what it could be. (Metroid?)

Not gonna bother with EA and Ubisoft.

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  • Call Of Duty Gameplay Demo
  • Sunset Overdrive Demo
  • Quantum Break Demo
  • Forza Horizon 2 Trailer
  • Halo 2 Anniversary Trailer
  • More Indie Games
  • Games For Gold on Xbox One
  • New IP Trailers
  • Final Fantasy XV Exclusive Lighting DLC
#8 Posted by Steadying (1530 posts) -


  • Not Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III
#9 Posted by TheAcidSkull (837 posts) -

Here are some of the things I hope get's announced:

  • Castlevania:*insert a dramatic, Gothic vampire-ish title* - Mercurysteam might be done with the series, but they pretty much hinted( and probably made clear) that some other developer has taken over Castlevania, so i hope they at least announce it.
  • DmC 2- played the first game, loved it. it was a lot of fun, hope they announce another.
  • Darksiders III- highly unlikely but I really want this to happen.
  • Halo 5- would like to see more news and gameplay.
  • Destiny- more footage would be nice.
#10 Posted by Hunter5024 (6077 posts) -

Final Fantasy 15 will probably have a trailer with tons of recycled footage.

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  • SO,QB,Horizon 2 gameplay
  • Witcher 3, The Division, BF,more 3rd party gameplay
  • Battletoads, Crimson Skies - Spencer keeps saying over and over that KI showed him the power of neglected franchises that people are nostalgic for. $20-30 DL games.
  • Gears: Horde
  • And, of course, CODAW (not nearly as cool as GRAW).


  • Order, Driveclub gameplay
  • Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs,FF, more 3rd party
  • No Crash
  • God of War 4, David Cage game,Souls
  • Ad, of course, Destiny.

Wait, Watch_Dogs is out really soon. There goes my perfect list.

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@turtlebird95: Your guesses sound pretty close to me based off of past conferences, though I'm hoping that more new games get announced.

#13 Posted by Jesus_Phish (1274 posts) -

I can't remember where I heard/read it, but Sony are supposedly announcing some new IP at E3 this year.

My guess is David Cage comes out and says emotion a lot.

#14 Posted by Ares42 (2815 posts) -

My prediction for conferences. MS and Sony will spend way more time on casual games and entertainment features than anyone here wants them to (MS even more so), EA will show sequels on sequels on sequels and Ubisoft will have a laughable show with good games and a gem or two.

As for what I hope we'll see, I'll just say what I said last year the console that gets to show Fallout 4 (and maybe even gets some sort of exclusive) will crush it. I'm also eager to see more of Sunset Overdrive and it would be nice to hear something about Far Cry 4. And ofc surprises, surprises are always good =D

#15 Posted by JJOR64 (19097 posts) -

I always look forward to Nintendo's announcements. Also curious what will be at Sony's conference this year. Going to be an exciting year for sure.

#16 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Project Beast is a thing, and it's all I needed. Everything else is icing on a cake of awesome.

#17 Posted by TurboMan (7822 posts) -

Media Molecule unveils their new game.

Remember that thing they showed last year where you could sculpt your own items with the PS Move? Well now they've added Morpheus support so you can walk around the things in a VR environment and create them... then animate them.... then assign AI...

long story short, they're making a 3D version of Little Big Planet and it's going to be amazing.

#18 Posted by MB (13294 posts) -
  • Nintendo announces at least one new hardware revision for 3DS, 2DS, or WiiU.
  • New WiiU bundle with price cut.
#19 Posted by Corevi (5885 posts) -

Basically the only thing I want out of E3 is a new Platinum game on a console that I own or will own (360/PS3/PS4).

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@theht said:
Possible But Unlikely Predictions:
  • Syndicate 2

I would have to disagree with the notion that this is remotely possible.

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Am I crazy or does it make way to much sense for Sony to cover the cost of persona 5 being ported to ps4? I dont doubt that it will be at e3 in some form even if its just a "and the ps3 is still going strong" type announcement but it makes way to much sense and is in there vain of the "games for gamers" shtick they did last year for them not to foot the bill to get it on current gen. Having said all that probably wont happen

#23 Posted by Trusty_Spoon (84 posts) -

My prediction is the Star Wars game in development at Visceral games gets mentioned or possibly shown at EA's conference as the spiritual successor to or a slightly remastered take on Star Wars 1313. (Don't know what to class it as due to it being cancelled so far into production)

#24 Posted by mikey87144 (1808 posts) -

@ares42 said:

My prediction for conferences. MS and Sony will spend way more time on casual games and entertainment features than anyone here wants them to (MS even more so), EA will show sequels on sequels on sequels and Ubisoft will have a laughable show with good games and a gem or two.

I kept reading hoping I wouldn't be the first to mention this. I think Microsoft will be showing us a lot of television shows and announcing new media partnerships during their press conference. Sony may do the same or they will likely still go after the core market and switch tactics next year.

#25 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3156 posts) -

There are Sanskrit ancient texts from 3102 BCE predicted the conditions which always seem to exist....even at e3...if you just change the word king/ruler/base men/etc to publisher. And, people to gamers.

Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.
Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly.
Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.
There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one place to another.
People will prefer to choose false ideas.
Young girls will do trade in their virginity.
Shopkeepers will run dishonest businesses.
There will be many beggars and unemployed people.
Men will devote themselves to earning money; the richest will hold power.
The kings will no longer protect the people but, through taxes, will appropriate all wealth.
Water will be lacking

#26 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2753 posts) -

@ares42 said:

My prediction for conferences. MS and Sony will spend way more time on casual games and entertainment features than anyone here wants them to (MS even more so), EA will show sequels on sequels on sequels and Ubisoft will have a laughable show with good games and a gem or two.

I kept reading hoping I wouldn't be the first to mention this. I think Microsoft will be showing us a lot of television shows and announcing new media partnerships during their press conference. Sony may do the same or they will likely still go after the core market and switch tactics next year.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft's conference will be all about games. I wouldn't doubt a mention of some of those Xbox Original shows, but it isn't going to be a focus for them.

@trusty_spoon Not sure about either of those games, but the new Battlefront game is confirmed to be there.

#27 Posted by Marcsman (3333 posts) -

Gabe Newell will hype the Steam Boxes

#28 Edited by TheLastGunslinger (329 posts) -

@theht said:

  • Metal Gear Rising 2: Revengeancer

Now if there is ever a sequel and it's not called that I'm going to be majorly disappointed.

I don't think we'll actually see an MGR sequel at E3 but I think we will see the game they're supposedly making for Xbox One (code named 'Project Nagano').

#29 Posted by Aegon (5918 posts) -

Welp, if we take that email on the latest bombcast seriously, Last Guardian trailer will be happening.

#30 Posted by BBAlpert (1625 posts) -
#31 Posted by ManMadeGod (1590 posts) -

We will see Half Life 3, The Last Guardian, and Doom 4.

#32 Posted by hollitz (1688 posts) -

What I'm hoping for:

-The Demon's Souls 2 thing to be real. Even if it's not Demon's 2 though, I really just want to see a legit reveal of a new From Software game with Miyazaki at the helm.

- A Wii U price drop so I can justify the purchase.

- Bravely Default 2 for the west.

- A proper Persona 5 trailer.

- A new, exclusive Xbox One franchise that doesn't involve musclemen/robomen with big guns. Bonus points for it not being made in the unreal engine.

#33 Posted by Willza92 (276 posts) -

Kentia Hall will become sentient and unveil a game of it's own, that will go on to become the greatest game ever made. It is an Ouya exclusive.

In all seriousness? Maybe a tease for the new Mass Effect, nothing concrete, just a teaser to close out the EA press conference in a similar vein to Mirrors Edge 2 last year, Battlefront might be the fall release for EA this year to go up against CoD, however I would imagine they are saving that for when the new Star Wars film comes out, so probably Winter 2015, which leaves an EA shooter gap for this year. A new Bad Company game?

Ubisoft could show off some next-gen game that may or may not be Beyond Good and Evil 2 and some Tom Clancy action (The Division, Rainbow 6).

Sony will continue to hype up indies and have a ton of fairly mechanically uninspired AAA games on show and Microsoft will be schizophrenic, going from showing off games for a "hardcore" gamer audience (CoD:AW, which will look great, Halo 2: Anniversary with exclusive beta access to Halo 5 if you preorder) and then some Kinect games for THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Hopefully a gameplay trailer for the new Batman game (I need more Batman in my life!!!). Gearbox really need to reunveil that Inglorious-Bastards-Brothers in Arms game.

I can't imagine Nintendo unveiling any new hardware from a Nintendo Direct, but with recent news that they are in their third quarter of loss on Wii U and 3DS even under performing for this, I can see them pushing another price drop and bundles with those new Zelda games. They really need to show off some awesome games, a new Metroid followed up by a ton of other fun little games to strengthen their eshop?

And finally, the Giant Bombcast E3 coverage will be awesome as ever and hopefully we will get another great time bending video from @drewbert.

#34 Posted by Pr1mus (3978 posts) -

The crew's gear will not get stolen this time.

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#37 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (1304 posts) -

-PROJECT BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Last Gaurdian
-Uncharted Gameplay
-Deus Ex
-Driveclub car porn
-PROJECT BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#38 Posted by Hunter5024 (6077 posts) -

I predict I will watch the EA press conference and then remember that half of it is always about sports and be super bored.

#39 Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2176 posts) -

I want new IP :(

Also a Project Beast trailer would be sweet.

#40 Posted by StarvingGamer (8607 posts) -

They will show off more FFXV and KH3. The GB crew will proceed to mock them because hair Nomura zippers please stop etc. But they will begrudgingly admit that FFXV looks amazing.

#41 Posted by Schlorgan (265 posts) -

EA's been the one I've been following the most so my prediction is for their press conference:

-Demo for Dragon Age: Inquisition

-Trailer for Mass Effect

-Teaser for Bioware's new IP they've been working on

-Teaser for Criterion's new IP they've been working on

-Demo for Mirror's Edge

-Demo for Battlefront

-Amy Hennig on stage to introduce teaser for Visceral's Star Wars game

-Teaser for Need For Speed 2015 (since they're not putting one out this year)

That's ask I care about. They'll probably have a demo for EA Sports UFC and maybe a compilation video/trailer for the other sports games that doesn't last more than 10 minutes.

If it's any or all of that, it could be the most exciting press conference of the show.

#42 Posted by 71Ranchero (2886 posts) -

Shenmue 3

#43 Edited by Seikenfreak (626 posts) -


  • Microsoft will have thrown all of their money to get timed exclusivity on one big important game. Maybe Fallout 4 or something, if it's Halo or Gears then they've dropped the ball big time and shows how out of touch and slow they are to make the games people want. They'll show some other small interesting things, a chunk of it will be weird indie games because they want to seem relevant in that area and get a piece of all this console indie game talk.. They will mention some sort of Xbox Gold bonuses that are comparable to PS+ because Gold right now is garbage in comparison. Forza Horizon 2 trailer. But all anyone will be talking and screaming about is Fallout 4 because people are crazy.

  • Sony.. hmm. Definitely PlayStation Now details. They'll roll out some footage or info on some middle of the road titles like the Mad Max thing or The Order. Probably some new MGS Phantom Pain footage. Another trailer for Final Fantasy 15 which makes it look even less like a standard (i.e. loved) FF game and further cements my disinterest in it. There will be a trailer or something around Final Fantasy 14 which will show off one of the new class/jobs and/or hint at the first expansion content. There will be some general PlayStation game montage at some point and it will include some brief clips of Gran Turismo 7. Project "Beast" will be announced as a new Souls game exclusive to the PS4 with a trailer. This will almost single handedly allow Sony to run away as the lead platform for this generation and Microsoft will have no chance against this unless they do announce the timed exclusive Fallout 4. Sony will have a monstrous indie showing, even larger than last year, because they've received such praise for doing so and this is an area where they can strike Microsoft again while its down and trying to catch up. We'll see some cool new indie games and we'll see even more very popular existing indie games announced as coming to the PS4. Vita will barely be mentioned, maybe a game or two that are meh looking, which is a shame because it's an amazing piece of hardware. Sony will hopefully also announce a couple of classic IPs they are resurrecting via that crowd submitted stuff whoever was doing. Things like Parapa and Crash Bandicoot.

  • Nintendo. They will talk about Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Other weird small Nintendo titles. They'll announce something they think is big but its not. Everyone is left staring at each other thinking "What the fuck did I just watch?" Nintendo appears to be asleep at the wheel. Are they digging their own grave? Things will look super grim for the future. But that's just because the Nintendo war machine has only recently begun to gather it's forces over the past 6 months. E3 2015 they will return with big names like Zelda, Metroid, Mario Galaxy, and Starfox. They'll announce an F-Zero game but it will be exclusive to the 3DS. I, among many other people, will curse Nintendo to no end. Everyone will fall in love with Nintendo again and the Wii-U will sell bonkers. People will be quick to forget those dark times. After a few years and toward the end of the generation we'll all be left thinking.. "So aside from the like three big name games they have.. why do I even care about Nintendo? How long are they going to milk this?". The Nintendo cycle will repeat itself.

What do I want to see there? I want a new Banjo-Kazooie game to be announced. I want a full trailer for Gran Turismo 7. I want another Souls game and for it to be PS4 exclusive. I want a new LittleBigPlanet. I want the Final Fantasy 14 trailer to show a new job and announce the first expansion. I want Fallout 4 announced but not a timed exclusive. I want a new Ecco the Dolphin game announced, preferably for PS4, and it looks absolutely stunning as an underwater showpiece for the hardware. Throw in a new Stuntman game that doesn't suck and a new Splashdown (jetski racing) to show off some insane water physics on the PS4. A new Ape Escape game exclusive to the PS4. Nintendo will announce a Metroid that isn't necessarily a first-person shooter. A new F-Zero that looks brick shittingly good at 60 FPS with lots of colors, great music, and wild tracks. The trailer for it will open with blaring Big Blue music. Nintendo will announce their Pokemon RPG for the Wii-U, which will single handedly turn people's frowns upside down. Wii-Us sold out everywhere. Genki will return from the grave of making pachinko or washing machines or whatever the company does now and will announce a new Shutoku Battle/Tokyo Xtreme Racer or Kaido Battle for the PS4, my bowels will simultaneously release from my body. A new Bomberman game somewhere.

I don't know, I could go on and on.

TL;DR - Microsoft will be all peaks and valleys. One big hit and a bunch of other junk people don't really care about. Sony might be much more even across the board, lots of good looking stuff. Nintendo will further disappoint with nothing anyone wants announced.

#44 Posted by Mendelson9 (412 posts) -

E3 Real Talk: The Last Guardian still won't be shown, saving for TGS. Maybe we get a logo but not getting hopes up.

E3 Mystery: Will Geoff Keighley will ask someone at Sony about The Agent?

E3 Mystery: Does Nintendo will do something weird with fruit?

E3 Mystery: Private Detective Jack Tretton appearance???

#45 Posted by EVO (3944 posts) -

Jenova Chen will be on stage at Microsoft's conference to announce his next game. It will be multiplatform, but Microsoft will tout it as "best on Xbox".

Sony will do something goofy with Project Morpheus; perhaps demo a game with a well known developer, only we won't know it until they take their headset off.

New Zelda.

#46 Edited by baka_shinji17 (419 posts) -

1. Senran Kagura gets a physical release in the US and a new console game is announced.

2. DOA: Extreme 3 for PS4/XONE

3. Next-gen Syphon Filter.

4. An open world action game set in Edo-era Japan.

5. Whatever crazy shit Suda51 is doing.

6. Snatcher/Policenauts HD remakes.

7. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 3!

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@mikey87144 said:

@ares42 said:

My prediction for conferences. MS and Sony will spend way more time on casual games and entertainment features than anyone here wants them to (MS even more so), EA will show sequels on sequels on sequels and Ubisoft will have a laughable show with good games and a gem or two.

I kept reading hoping I wouldn't be the first to mention this. I think Microsoft will be showing us a lot of television shows and announcing new media partnerships during their press conference. Sony may do the same or they will likely still go after the core market and switch tactics next year.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft's conference will be all about games. I wouldn't doubt a mention of some of those Xbox Original shows, but it isn't going to be a focus for them.

@trusty_spoon Not sure about either of those games, but the new Battlefront game is confirmed to be there.

Ya but the question remains if those games will be anything you actually care about, or if it will just be them doubling down on the dude bro demographic. Microsoft can be wall to wall games but if its just more shooters, color me not interested.

#48 Posted by pinner458 (877 posts) -

Mirror's Edge 2

#49 Posted by crithon (3462 posts) -

Microsoft is gonna open with CoD Advance Warfare, Resident Evil 7 handled by a American Studio and Deus Ex new game on stage. I know Microsoft has obnoxious moments, like Kinect, hair flip and TV, but they got MONEY and they are really gonna show off some big titles.

Nintendo is gonna show off a new console, Wii U Zelda gets a floor demonstration, As much as Nintendo talks about lifestyle games..... I'm betting they are going to partner with a music like service like Spotify and do Radio Disney music.

Konami is going to have another event, and it's gonna be worse again, especially since they got nothing outside of Kojima especially after Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2. Metal Gear Solid 5 gets another video but a bit more gameplay, finally a date. Kojima announces Metal Gear Rising 2, and then a breif video that shows platinum returning as developer.

Sony, Uncharted 4 gets revealed, and this time your not Nathan Drake. New Parapa the Rapper gets announced and looks like Puppeteer level of graphics. the Order shows off more and this time it's even more crazy monsters like the film Van Hellsing. The Morphius gets show off again but this time with more kid friendly titles, like little big planet and story book, and then it ends with Killzone Shadowfall can play it.

Last Guardians will not be shown.... ever.

#50 Posted by akeripper4 (158 posts) -

more details on sims 4: a proper release date?! system requirements