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Hey! I'm sure some of you are still watching the content from this year, but given that it was my first year booking, I wanted to pop in and solicit some feedback from everyone. If you want to express that as "I liked this person, I didn't like this person" please be respectful or sent me a private message -- even when a guest doesn't necessarily fit into our mix, we need to be respectful of their time and presence. I've learned a bunch of lessons that I'll probably write down in a big blog post on Monday or Tuesday (I'm taking Monday off to try and catch up on sleep).

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I think you did a really great job getting people I wouldn't ever expect to attend a show so crazy like this, for example Phil Spencer or Palmer Luckey. One thing I would suggest is if it's possible to invite new people in, because as much as I love seeing John Drake or Johnny V and Dave Lang shoot the shit, I want to see more lesser known industry people that we typically won't get to know in an environment like this. Still, this year has had a ton of great interactions with the guests who were able to attend so once again, great job!

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The best e3 content in years. The behind the scene stuff and the casual talk on the floor was my favorite stuff,

Talking over the e3 conference made it fun.

I haven't seen the late night stuff yet. But I'm always for a good mix of guys who know giant bomb well like the harmonix guys and people who were directly in the conference. I remember the Microsoft guys for a couple years back was an interesting talk

The longer interviews made for more interesting content. The ed boon and Johnny v stuff in particular were great.

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I thought the guest selection was great, everyone seemed cool and interesting. The only small criticism I would put forward is that many of the panels were a little crowded so some of the guests said virtually nothing. I understand that you can't force people to talk but perhaps a smaller collection of people in each panel would be easier to manage, some of those sections got a bit crazy with people talking over each other. With that being said I still really enjoyed all the panels, you guys did an awesome job with content during E3.

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Only problem I noticed was that there were some guests who talked very little and were very quiet through the whole segment. Other than that, I enjoyed all e3 coverage, great job with everything. You had a good mix of crazy drunken insanity and actually informative interesting stuff I feel.

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Great job getting huge names like Phil Spencer and Shu in there this year, it's always interesting to see important people in the industry to act like a normal guy outside of their press conferences and standard "bullet point" interviews. The only thing I'll say about the actual shows themselves that seemed like a negative is that having like six or more people on at once can really make the discussion go all over the place and it just sounds like pure chaos at times (and not in a good way). The segment with just Ed Boon was a nice change of pace because it wasn't eight people trying to talk over each other.

Also, I think people on couches are visually more interesting and expressive than people sitting behind a table. I don't know why I feel so strongly about that, but there it is.

Other than that, I really enjoyed what I saw from GB this week.

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Next year...I want solo Cowboy!

I think you did a good job Patrick. Some panels had too many guests though. It sucks when you only hear 5 minutes out of some people and then rest is dominated by 1 or 2 people. It was nice to see more ladies too. Please don't let the venom from both ends of the spectrum keep you from booking who you feel is right.

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I know other people have raised this elsewhere, but I don't think there were nearly enough women represented, and when one did appear on a panel, they tended to be lost in the shuffle. I realise this year was a big improvement on last year in that regard, but it was still kind of jarring to see multiple panels of 7-8 dudes with only one woman showing up. Besides that, I thought the shows were great. Some of the panels had maybe one person too many, but I'm sure you know that already. Looking forward to reading your post-mortem!

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not enough shirtlessness!

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I think you did a great job booking guests, a lot of variation and both informative and fun guests. I do echo the sentiment I've seen around though that some guests didn't really get a chance to talk much due to being a bit more reserved type of people and they were sitting on panels with a lot more outgoing and talkative people. Granted, it's not always easy knowing who's who in that regard all the time. But I also think that point also comes down to the host moving the focus around and not letting it linger too long on people that easily take up room in the conversation anyway. Overall though, really enjoyed the variety of guests and I could see the type of guests in the future being even broader. Again, great job!

Still have a bunch left to consume, but I have really been enjoying this year's E3 content a lot.

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@patrickklepek: I thought the E3 content was pretty good. No downs for me.

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Thought you did a great job.

My only suggestion was perhaps next time try and get more people who we don't see a lot of? Quite a few of the guests where on the GDC stream as well. Maybe next year have more of a focus on people you only really get to see at E3?

That's all i can think of really. You did a fine job Scoops!

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I honestly think you should focus on more segments with fewer people at once, as it stands now the people that doesn't have a strong drive to make their voice heard often didn't say very much at all. Also, less journalists and more developers, if we want to hear what journalist from random publication x thought about this and that we would visit their site!

Other than that, very good show indeed!

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I just wanna tune in to say I hope you guys plan to do more talking over press conferences, 'cause that is some of the best content I have consumed in a while!

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I really like this year E3 after hours lineups. But sometimes the pairings ain't the best though, Dave Lang x John Vignocchi combo means that some other quieter guests won't get to talk as much.

I'd pair Dave Lang x John Vignocchi with say Eric Pope and John Drake. Then Shuhei x Adam Boyes, maybe with Matt Kessler (? WTF) or indie devs like Rami Ismail.

It might also be a good idea to pair Jeff with Jeff Cannata, Jeff Green, and Geoff Keighley.

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The segments were too short for the amount of people in each of them. Most of the time there were multiple people who didn't really say anything. The flow was off, Jeff would do introductions then ask everyone what they are doing/playing, then right when everyone started to loosen up the segment would end.

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Your work at booking was great, content and shows in general was all thumbs up, extremely happy with the result, a damned high standing piece of gaming site this is. Sitting back and commenting over conferences could have worked technically (on-site) better and audio balance could have been better, limiters gates and compressors could have been used better to make near inaudible channels audible. Still an exciting great thing to see, huge step forwards.

When it comes to guests not speaking up or seemingly not being given a chance to speak, that is up to the individual person, something one picks up over the years. It took until my late 20s before I stopped being the one to never speak until others finished, and now other people stop themselves if they interrupt my speaking. We all change, those who didn't talk much will get better at it, but consider something like a game's matchmaking for panel segment guests: loud and proud with others like that, feature Dave Lang with other farm animals, put soft spoken humble guests with other soft spoken humble guests.

It washed the bad taste of 15 minutes of Bendis out of my mouth very well.

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I really did like a lot of the people that you invited this year. My suggestion would be to try a little more to get people to match interests or fields wise since it would sometimes be just you guys talking to one or two people while the others just waited their turn. Like some times there would be a guest that wouldn't talk at all or say one or two things and looked like they were uncomfortable. Of course I am sure they are tired after a long day of E3 so it's understandable, but that was just something I noticed. Thanks for organizing it this year, Patrick!

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The talking over press conference stuff was great and should definitely become a mainstay. The after hours shows were great as always and just echoing that fewer guests at a time would be better. BUT on the flip side of that it would be awesome just to have all the more boisterous ones on at the same time. Throw Dave Lang, John Drake, John Vignocchi, Eric pope, and Greg miller on camera and just sit back and let the firework show begin.

Oh and great job like always

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Overall, we had some really awesome guests this year. My only complaint is the dynamic between some of the lesser known guys and the Giant Bomb Alums.

Maybe next year have an All Star Giant Bomb panel filled to the brim with Lang, Johnny V, Boyes, McElroy(s), Drake, Jeff G, etc. Have it be a little longer and watch the madness ensue. This would clear the way for others to be heard throughout the other panels. Some of the guests seemed to be really cool guys, but said very little during the discussions.

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Overall a really solid year of coverage. I definitely see where the others are coming from when they mention that some voices were drowned out a bit in the after-hours live shows, but at the same time I imagine you can't exactly pick everyone's schedule and create great chemistry everywhere when each of the guests has his or her own schedule to manage and may only be able to fit in one time slot. So no worries there. I was pretty fond of the behind the scenes video you did with Drew. You were really good in that, and I appreciated the insight and thoroughness. Stuff like that and the extended Johnny V interview are good for modern e3. I think, like Jeff has said many times, a lot of the surface-level information is easily found on developers' own websites, and I had no problem with going straight to them for a lot of info. For Giant Bomb stuff, I appreciated content that had this site's particular style in it rather than surface-level coverage of as much as possible. My hat's off to you, Patrick. It was a great year.

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It was overall really good this year in terms of the night show guests. Like other people have said though maybe it would be best to have the more reserved people like Shuhei Yoshida on with as few guests as possible like you had with Ed Boon. This way they will get a chance to talk more and you can focus on them.

Also make sure to get Greg Miller again next year!

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I think it was all really fantastic! A good balance all around. I think the only problem is that the show could be 1.5 to 2 times as long with so many great and interesting guests.

I don't know if it's a good idea and I bet you guys have talked about it, but maybe it makes sense to have "themes" for segments? So, an indie panel, a journalists panel, a big-whigs panel, a Shirtless Friends of Giant Bomb panel etc. Don't know what the others think, it probably has been suggested before, anyway. It might give the whole thing more coherence, though. On the other hand, getting anyone to show up for some casual (this is the best part about your E3 shows!) talk at E3 is probably a logistical nightmare to begin with.

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I really enjoyed the panels and this is very minor issue but I don't think there's really a need to cut away to a music loop and a blank screen when the guests change seats. A cam on the empty set with the occasional person walking by would have been fine for me.

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I loved the press-heavy segments. You did great booking people that you wouldn't expect (Phil Spencer? Shu? Damn.). And Jeff was a pretty good host. You've both done a good job of filling shoes for this. I'm proud of you boys.

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I thought the booking was mostly spot-on. My only issue was with the guy from CD Projekt Red. He seemed completely disinterested and aloof. This is probably because he had spent a whole day demoing Witcher 3 etc, but then he probably shouldn't have agreed to be on a panel straight afterwards. It just seemed to be a very strange attitude to adopt.

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Shu seemed a bit uncomfortable at times, maybe because he was a bit outside the intense bro love/ribbing between Jeff, Adam, Johnny and Lang but maybe that was the only time you could get him. With Adam Boyes chaperone.

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I thought it was great! I good mix of old favorites and new guests as well as Shu and Phil Spencer who added heft and somehow more excitement to those streams. Overall it felt like the usual end of night streams with the right mix of in-depth talks and goofiness.

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Getting night shows right

  1. Limit the Dave Lang, John Drake, Eric Pope, Johnny V, Justin McElroy crew to 1 bumper segment and have no-one else with them. Whoever may get put on this segment will not get a word in, so just have your fun, let them shout about whatever they need to shout about and leave it at that.
  2. For a regular segment, regardless of whether you want to use Giant Bomb staff or not, do not have any more than 6 people in one segment (including the host Jeff). The more Giant Bomb staff you have, the less guests you can have. So make your choice - 3 staff and 3 guests, 2 staff and 4 guests or just Jeff and 5 guests each segment. Patrick, Brad and Alex take too much talking time away from guests.
  3. Shorten the segments. 30-45 minutes tops per segment. If you want 50 guests+ for the 3 nights you can't afford to have 3 segments, each an hour long, and call it a night. It's not going to work.
  4. More diversity. An obvious one that doesn't need going into too much detail.
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First of all, the entire E3 coverage was freaking awesome this year. I liked the late night talks a whole lot more than before and you did a fantastic job booking a whole bunch of interesting people.

Now, some of those guests were a little more reserved than others- and that's fine. I guess limiting the table to just six people total would maybe help, but some guys n gals just don´t like to talk as much. Jeff freaking killed it as the host. He kinda feeds off the energy in the room, maybe you guys should consider booking a guest for the bombcast from time to time.

I have only two smaller problems with the coverage: I don´t think you´ve released nearly enough on-the-showfloor videos and some of the more interesting content is kinda buried in the (awesome) 30 min video with Drew following you around. Maybe it would be better to have more smaller segments...

My biggest gripe were a couple of guests that seemed to feel a little.. uncomfortable? I won´t name names *cough* Borderlands *cough* but maybe you should give these guys a beer before they sit down. Or some horse tranquilizers.

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Great guests this year. Although I think it would be better is if you tried to put people who are not completely fluent in English and/or some of the more reserved guests in the same groups. Sure there will still be guests that don't speak much, but I think it could be better if you did that. I also think that 6-7 guests are to many, try to keep it at 4-5 guest.

#32 Posted by MB (14017 posts) -

I think you guys absolutely killed it and I thought there was a great mix of guests and content throughout the entire show. My only suggestion would be to have fewer guests on each panel, it seemed a little busy at times. There were a couple of instances where I was really excited to see a certain person on a panel, only to have them end up not saying much because there were eight other people at the table.

#33 Posted by smcn (949 posts) -

It'd be nice if someone who has actually had experience in booking similar types of panels/podcasts could offer feedback, otherwise I'm dubious of its quality. Everyone has x person they'd like to hear more from and y person they'd like to hear less from, but I doubt anyone who has commented so far has any idea about the "actual" personalities or extroversion of the guests you have on, especially in the context of a group conversation. (Hint: "body language" is full-on bullshit.)

From what I saw Patrick, you and Jeff did great in booking and hosting respectively. GB@E3 podcasts have always had a way of washing away any cynicism about video games that may have built up over the course of a year, and 2014 was no exception.

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Cheat codes! I can't beat this last boss in Double Dragon 3!

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It would be great if there was more bite size content, I love a 3 hour live show but having them back to back you reach a point of diminishing returns. Also If you are going to book women to come on to the live shows maybe try and get a 50/50 split they kinda got drowned out in the shows I've watched so far.

That said I have still been watching them.

I really like the floor stuff you guys did this year, but obviously you need to find products that you guys are excited about, it's great to hear you guys fresh out a demo it has this energy that you don't get on a podcast or liveshow after the fact.

#37 Edited by Ares42 (3005 posts) -

Not really sure if it's a bad thing or not, but this was the first year you had segments on the night show I ended up just skipping. I'm guessing you just went for a more diverse group of people, but I can't really complain when that also means getting in people I really enjoyed hearing from. You guys keep screwing over Cowboy though. He's been there every time, but you always put him on with people he doesn't match with at all.

If I'm not wrong you also down-sized each segment a bit, which is good, although I think it would be better even smaller. Almost every segment has 1-2 people that just sits there and never gets addressed. Maybe be a bit more dynamic about it ? Like the segment with only Ed Boon was great, but at the same time stuff like the segment with the guys from Sony etc works great as well.

#38 Posted by busted1der (248 posts) -

I would really like to see you or Vinny do the hosting to mix it up. Losing Jeff's craziness (like him laying in a bed and yelling from across the room two E3s ago) was the only loss this year.

I didn't watch the commentary streams during the pressers. Any thoughts to a highlights or a highlights remix video?

#39 Edited by digitalrailgun (26 posts) -

The show over all was great, but maybe just a little less booze next time? Some of those guys were tanked.

or maybe more booze and go completely over the top? I don't know.

#40 Edited by mrfluke (5660 posts) -

gotta pair the guests a bit better, im in the minority here, but i found greg miller pretty annoying and he overshadowed the rest of the crowd.

Johnny V and Dave Lang did the same as well, but they werent that annoying, but specifically that gang of folks needs their own segment by themselves, dont pair them up with Shuhei Yoshida of all guests.

Would be great if next year if you can somehow, get Phil Spencer, Shuhei Yoshida, Palmer Lucky (which i think you guys could have asked him more stuff) and someone from nintendo on one giant segment,

But being all critical aside, you guys really did put on a great show this year,

#41 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Well this may not count (becaue I didnt saw much of them nor engaged that much with you E3 coverage this year) but I tend not to like the format of the post shows , never had actually , so this year I didnt saw them again , mostly because of the reasons most people say..... 1 or 2 guest tends to dominate the disscusion etc. (Also did not liked it during GDC) But this is more about me and not you I suppose. About the talking over the streams it was mostly alright , except the one with Nintendo which I think you duders stepped over the line of being so dissmissive and cynical about it :( really thought it was a bummer , I know it must be difficult but even if Nintendo no longer makes stuff that I like I enjoyed the video conference and the jaded comment that were made were not funny nor warranted I think.

#42 Edited by TheBlue (576 posts) -

@patrickklepek Maybe have smaller segments with a few individuals that don't necessarily mesh well with the rowdier folks? I understand scheduling and the free time of people is something you have limited control over, but having Dave Lang and Shu Yoshida in the same room made me incredibly uncomfortable, but that may just be me. Shu seemed totally cool though, so that was awesome. There were definitely some guests though that I personally would've loved to hear more from that didn't really get to speak much, Jonathan Blow and Jeff Green to name a few. Again, you guys can't control completely where the conversation goes which is perfectly understandable.

All in all, I loved the shows and you did an excellent job of gathering all of these fine folk. I certainly don't think limiting the amount of guests you bring on is necessary, the more the merrier. My only suggestion is smaller segments with less people and then longer segments with those you know mesh well together. Congrats on killing it this year!

#43 Posted by mikey87144 (1996 posts) -

You did a good job. Honestly maybe reduce the numbers of some of the pairings a bit but other than that I liked it. I'm almost tempted to give more ideas but every year you guys keep thinking of new ways to make the same show interesting. I'd be surprised if more sites didn't copy some of your ideas like talking over the conferences.

#44 Edited by Dethfish (3739 posts) -

I thought the E3 stuff was pretty great this year. The only suggestion I would have for the nightly shows is have slightly less guests (like one less per segment) and slightly more time for the guests you do have. Also, make sure the guests are open to crazy bullshit. It always weird when one of the guests looks like they don't know what they've gotten themselves into. I also hope you don't make these into super serious talks. It's nice to have some of that, but I don't think that should be the focus. The loose, fun, and stupidness of the nightly shows is what makes GB's E3 coverage way different and way better than anyone else's.

And more Vinny. Always more Vinny.

I also hope you guys do the same press conference setup next year. I vastly prefer listening to you guys talk over the conferences than how you used to do it. It's funny and more entertaining this way, plus we all get to see initial reactions from you guys, which is pretty cool.

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@flstyle said:

Getting night shows right

  1. Limit the Dave Lang, John Drake, Eric Pope, Johnny V, Justin McElroy crew to 1 bumper segment and have no-one else with them. Whoever may get put on this segment will not get a word in, so just have your fun, let them shout about whatever they need to shout about and leave it at that.
  2. For a regular segment, regardless of whether you want to use Giant Bomb staff or not, do not have any more than 6 people in one segment (including the host Jeff). The more Giant Bomb staff you have, the less guests you can have. So make your choice - 3 staff and 3 guests, 2 staff and 4 guests or just Jeff and 5 guests each segment. Patrick, Brad and Alex take too much talking time away from guests.
  3. Shorten the segments. 30-45 minutes tops per segment. If you want 50 guests+ for the 3 nights you can't afford to have 3 segments, each an hour long, and call it a night. It's not going to work.
  4. More diversity. An obvious one that doesn't need going into too much detail.

More or less agreed, and the chat could use some work

#46 Edited by BaysideJr (31 posts) -

Hello Patrick you guys did a great job. I would say just like others have said, the panels were too large and probably should have had less people at a time with more rotation in and out. Also I know the point is to mix different personalities together but some groups didn't work as well as others. I really loved the Lucky Palmer, Hello games panel you did. I think a panel like that could have mixed someone really intellectually stimulating like a Jonathan Blow or the Naughty Dog programmer you had on Day 3(sorry for forgetting his name). I know engineering discussions are probably not want the audience wants but as a comp sci grad and IT guy I find it really interesting and those guys have a tendency to talk on each others level.

Otherwise the set looked great and audio/visual wise everything was nice and clean.

P.S. Maybe its just my psychosis but also if you have someone like Yoshida or Phil Spencer on please don't pair them with some of the more disrespectful/low brow/microphone hogging guests(you know what i mean). Granted this is coming from someone who gets embarrassed for others on TV and has to look away but I do feel they should be given a little bit more respect. Maybe that's stupid but I felt embarrassed for Yoshida on that panel. I know we don't want it to turn into a PR session but that's why the GB crew is there to ask the interesting questions and get good discussions going. Sheesh did i really say that...I must be getting old.

#47 Edited by Humanity (11567 posts) -

My only comment would be to match guest appropriately. It's kind of weird having "indie" developers hanging in the same group as Cowboy who works for this huge triple A developer. Alternatively have an equal mix so it's like 2-3 big guys and 2-3 smaller guys.

Thats about it. The guests were all good for the most part and I won't go into details about the ones who I thought were a little weak because I think thats sort of a subjective matter.

Ed Boon was one of my personal highlights.

Actually one other thing: Invite people who actually have something to say and what they're saying is worth hearing. Without going into details, there were some people invited to the panel that are wonderful human beings for sure, but maybe aren't that interesting in the "gaming world" so to speak. This doesn't mean their opinions aren't valid, but I think we all tune in to these things to hear industry people talk a little shop, among other things.

#48 Posted by Oni (2223 posts) -

More diversity. Less McElroy/Miller-types. Max 5-6 people per panel. Honestly, what @flstyle said.

#49 Edited by csl316 (10830 posts) -

All in all, content was so damn good this year. From the drive in, to the press conference commentary, to the nightly shows and edited videos... I loved it. Let's say 95%.

Now for criticism. I can say that for an E3 show, I'm tuning in to hear people talk about games. If I'm setting aside 10+ hours during a work week to catch these streams, I really don't need extended segments talking about tacos. I need to know about stuff that happened because I was gone for 12 hours.

Taco talk is fine for brief podcast segments to keep things casual, but there was a point where it was really late and I'm starting to doze off and I'm questioning if this is a good idea.

All in all, I think Jeff did a great job getting jumping between developers to talk about certain games and their experience with prior E3's. But when members of the press come by, occasionally things get a bit too casual since you don't have a specific topic to ask them about. Some people think "letting your hair down" is just drinking and screwing around. If you have two or three press people/site friends, things get off the rails more often. Maybe they've been on video all day and just wanna get silly (except for Geoff Keighley, dude's a pro). Good for site memes, bad for busy people. It's led to some gold in prior years, but I dunno... I'm old now.

When Ed Boon came by, the segment was fantastic. Informative, on point, and lighthearted enough to be entertaining. If you had three people from Rival Video Game Websites arrive, his presence would've been diminished (to be fair, I like many of these other sites). I'd say if you get guys like Ed or Shu or Phil Spencer, stick to the GB crew so they get a chance to shine. This is the core of your coverage, so your team knows the significance of having those kinds of guys on. And be completely honest, having friends of the site on together isn't necessarily a good thing.

Also, since you guys finally did audio version: I downloaded the podcasts, but I ended up watching the videos because I couldn't always recognize the voices. Still, it's a good idea.

Great job, Patrick. You have big shoes to fill but you did excellent.

#50 Posted by Balljingo (26 posts) -
@flstyle said:

Getting night shows right

  1. Limit the Dave Lang, John Drake, Eric Pope, Johnny V, Justin McElroy crew to 1 bumper segment and have no-one else with them. Whoever may get put on this segment will not get a word in, so just have your fun, let them shout about whatever they need to shout about and leave it at that.
  2. For a regular segment, regardless of whether you want to use Giant Bomb staff or not, do not have any more than 6 people in one segment (including the host Jeff). The more Giant Bomb staff you have, the less guests you can have. So make your choice - 3 staff and 3 guests, 2 staff and 4 guests or just Jeff and 5 guests each segment. Patrick, Brad and Alex take too much talking time away from guests.
  3. Shorten the segments. 30-45 minutes tops per segment. If you want 50 guests+ for the 3 nights you can't afford to have 3 segments, each an hour long, and call it a night. It's not going to work.
  4. More diversity. An obvious one that doesn't need going into too much detail.

I disagree with pretty much every point here.

1. Lang et al. make for a great segment when they are together, yes, but I think excluding all of these people from all other segments is a bad idea. Drake, for example, made a great filler guest during a different segment (maybe night two? I don't remember exactly where, just that he showed up a second time without any of the other "regulars"), and he definitely did not take over the conversation. I found the scheduling where these dudes were concerned to be great this year.

2.Though I agree that the guest number should be limited per segment, six including the host seems low, though I think there is value in limiting it to six without including the host. In addition to participating, Jeff (assuming he is the host every year, which I will do) guides and mediates the conversation, and thus he really cannot be counted simply as "staff" when looking at guest count. Sure Patrick, Brad, and Alex do help to guide and mediate to some extent, but ultimately Jeff is running the show.

3. Segment length was great this year. It seems absurd to artificially limit the conversations simply for the sake of more segments. I mean, sure, if there is nothing left to talk about and everyone in a given segment is clearly out of things to say to one another, then end it early. One workaround would perhaps be to schedule less guests? I'm not too sure on that one, but shortening the segments just to fit in as many people as possible does not sound as interesting as the way that the shows were handled this year.

4. Actually this is pretty vague. There was a decent bit of diversity this year on many different levels, just as there is every year. Maybe one change would be to spread some of the "indies" around so that their viewpoints can get into some of the other segments; I'm not too sure about this change.

Overall I thought that the shows were excellent, and that the booking was pretty phenomenal. Great job, Patrick and crew. The Ed Boon segment, in particular, was pretty fascinating and amazing, though maybe that's just because I've loved his games since my childhood and have always thought very highly of him, so seeing him as a solo guest for nearly an hour was pretty crazy to me. My main complaint (and this is more of an understandable annoyance, and I would be surprised if anything could/should be done about it, I'm just saying it to get it out there, really) is that sometimes the breaks were pretty long, and the shows really were so good that I could not wait to see more.