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Looks pretty legit, but with this kind of stuff there's always a chance it could be fake. SMT x FE hype.

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If it's true it's disappointing, very little new information. I've seen so few good cross over titles that I'm not the least bit excited about SMT X FE, the universes don't seem like they would naturally mesh either.

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We already had a thread on this the other day. Seems dodgy.

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@heyguys: Pokemon Fighter, Star Fox 3DS, Zelda: Unbound King, the HD games, Mario Party 10, Nintendo U and Project STEAM are all unannounced, and even more of them haven't had gameplay shown yet.

@a_e_martin Oh sorry, if a mod wants to close down the thread they can.

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@corruptedevil: Well I guess depending on what Zelda: Unbound King is and maybe Star Fox 3DS all those titles seem super unexciting, to me at least.

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Is Xenomech Saga that X game they announced or is it something else?

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Faker than fake.

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This is no realer than it was when it first made its rounds on the web a few days ago.

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Project S.T.E.A.M? Half Life 3 confirmed exclusive to WiiU.

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Dragon Quest VII! If this is fake (most likely) I'm going to be so dissapointed.

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Holy shit sunshine HD

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Seems like the sort of lineup you'd reasonably expect. I couldn't help but be disappointed if that was the extent of it, though. >_>

Wish Nintendo could just blow the doors off and make everyone's dreams come true, though. :P Or at least give me a new Metroid.

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Its fake. Its been floating around now for a week or two. Sunshine HD would be the fucking jam though!

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If this is true then there is no Majora's Mask game, and I therefore refuse to believe this piece of paper.

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@vikingdeath1: That's your red flag? If anything, seeing Majora's Mask on the list would make me think the list was definitely fake. A small number of vocal Zelda fans want a MM remake, but I honestly think it makes no business sense at all.

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thank god P* wised up and made Bayonetta 2 NOT exclusive to wii-u. smart move.

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This list was so accurate.

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@iigrayfoxii: Fair enough, but it seemed plausible enough to consider. I obviously didn't believe in it 100%.

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Looks like this can be safely closed.